Christmas Cake Decorating Class 2013

I think I mentioned I didn’t doMichelle's Labyrinth Christmas the last term of cake decorating class this year, which I was very disappointed about because I enjoyed last year’s Christmas term so much. And here is why!

For the first two weeks we made lots of and lots of decorations for a Christmas Tree and a couple of other Christmas cakes. The third week we made a couple of reindeer that I totally adore and I hope to make a couple more this year. On the fourth week we made these two cupcake stacks. There is a piece of dowel attached to the cake board that the cupcakes are stacked on.

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas

I really liked the cupcake stacks! And as you can see I even did a bit of piping. I took the stacks to ‘Craft with Friends’ at the church and all the ladies liked them. I made a point of saying I was going to keep the reindeer, but little did I know that was short-lived. After craft I left the reindeer and the cupcake boards on our kitchen table for a few days. On the Saturday night we went out for a few hours and unfortunately my puppies have a taste for fondant and a taste for wood! They had eaten my reindeer and the dowel on the cake boards! I was pretty upset, but that wasn’t where it ended, I had left an unopened 24 pack of toilet rolls on the shelf and toilet paper was strewn all over the living area! The house was complete havoc!! But thankfully a reindeer each was enough and I found the small Christmas tree from the blue cupcake stack outside, so at least they didn’t eat too much to make themselves ill. The puppies were a bit down the next day and I am not sure if that was because I was grumpy, or if they were coming down from a sugar high!

In class we then got to make our Christmas Trees! Most of the class made a tree trunk for the tree to sit on, but I had offered to make the Christmas cake that year for ‘Craft with Friends’ final day so I needed a bigger cake. After making the blue cupcakes above I had a picture in my head of how I wanted the base cake to look like – like a snowy hill! Here’s a couple of photos from class last year. As you can see all of our trees are a little different and I love that. We each have our own flair!

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas

I know you have seen this tree before, but I hadn’t really written about it. The actual tree is decorated on Styrofoam (there was no way I was going to bake an actual tree cake and I am not sure if my oven is even tall enough). So I got to use the tree again for Boxing Day and this time I made a tree trunk for it! I still have the tree so I might pull it out again.

I also wanted to show you a close up of the small reindeer head on the Christmas tree. I thought it was ingenious – the parts have been stuck to an upside gingerbread man!

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas

We also made the Christmas cake push pops and a Christmas bauble cake (see links if you missed them). I have no idea how we fit so much into one term!

I plan to make 5 more Christmas cakes in the next week! So watch out for a few more Christmas posts! And I am really really looking forward to cake decorating class next year!

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas




My Other Biggest Fan

Two posts I wrote that got me thinking about my biggest fan… Back in January 2013 I wrote about My Biggest Fan – my niece! Then in April 2013 I wrote a blog about the cakes I made my sisters – Sisters are Blossoms. While I was cropping and uploading the photos of the post about my sisters I realised that my nephew gets very excited about my cakes too! Then I looked at the photos of him and his cakes and I don’t think you could get a bigger smile. So I may have thought my niece was my biggest fan because of the squeals, but I think my nephew is equally my biggest fan – just a little more low-pitched and with a massive grin! (Yes I have been thinking of writing this post for over a year! I have had the photos ready for the post for ages as well. It was just a matter of finding some time to write it. Where of where does time go?)

So… My other biggest fan is my nephew Sean! Last year I made him the Green Lantern cake to which he said “I love it!” – ahhh heart melting!. These are the cakes I made him prior to that – some of you may have seen them on Facebook already, but I hope you like seeing them again :)

2009 – Animal Cupcakes (3rd Birthday)

Michelle's Labyrinth Cupcakes

Michelle's Labyrinth Cupcakes Michelle's Labyrinth Cupcakes

These were made in the days before I knew what fondant was! The animals were store bought and the kids loved the bright coloured butter icing – YUM!

2010 – Buzz Lightyear (4th Birthday)

Michelle's Labyrinth Buzz Lighttyear

This was the equal second fondant cake I ever made (made with my niece’s fairy castle cake). I was pretty happy at the time with this cake. I have never been an artist and people’s faces – especially noses – are hard for me to do.

It was also the first time I tried playing with edible glitter. I thought I would be able to lightly dust the blue to create a space effect. It did look better in person than what the camera picked up! But at least you can see it is glitter so I am not fibbing about what the blue splotches are!

I received so many compliments for this cake, including compliments from the girls working at the play gym where the party was held and IMichelle's Labyrinth am sure they see a lot of cakes. Little did I know at the time what was really possible with cakes!

My nephew yesterday saw my Toy Story alien cake for the first time and he was super impressed. Here is my little guy again – one of my favourites cakes so far!

2011 – Castle (5th Birthday)

For Sean’s 5th birthday I asked if I could choose the theme because I had bought a couple of cake decorating books by Debbie Brown and just had to make some of them! I chose a castle cake – mainly because I love castles! :)

Michelle's Labyrinth Castle Cake

This cake was a challenge for me because there was a lot of fondant to colour, roll and lots of cake to cover! The turrets of the castle were store bought mini swiss rolls – I thought that was an ingenious idea of Debbie Brown!

I have two favourite moments with this cake – the first was my seeing my nephew as we sang Happy Birthday to him. He was laughing his head off and conducting our singing! It was priceless and I think one of my most favourite moments ever! Check out his grin!

Michelle's Labyrinth Castle Cake Michelle's Labyrinth Castle Cake

The second moment was after everyone had a piece of the cake, most of the boys went back to play on the gym except for Sean’s best friend who sat and finished his cake. I hung around because I didn’t want him to be left on his own. When he was done eating he went up to the cake and picked up one of the cannon balls and then proceeded to make it explode from the cannon! ADORABLE! With those two moments I knew my cake was a success with the boys.

As I have mentioned before, my niece and nephew are born 5 days apart, so they sometimes have a joint party or sometimes their parties are a day or two apart. This time they were the same day – so here is the fairy toadstool and castle together – both based on Debbie Brown cakes!

Michelle's Labyrinth Castle Cake

2012 – Iron Man (6th Birthday)

In 2012 the action hero of the day Michelle's Labyrinth was Iron Man! I challenged myself that I wanted this cake to be different from the face cake like Buzz Lightyear. I browsed Google and found a cake with Iron Man bursting out of the cake. I loved the idea so gave it a whirl!

Here is a photo of Iron Man where I am trying to dry him out and ensure his arms stay in position – like he is flying.

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

I am not sure if you can tell, but I painted the face and heart of Iron Man with gold edible paint. Do you like the big beautiful smile on Sean? What a cutie :)

The next photo is where I was trying to be a smart and used some icing sugar to create an exploding effect! It makes me smile – sad I know!

Michelle's Labyrinth

Thanks for letting me catch you up on Sean’s cakes! His birthday is in a couple of weeks and I have been given the theme. I am not very familiar with the theme he chose this year, so I hope I do it justice!

And thank you Sean for your big smiles and saying you love my cakes!



Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I know there is only 30Michelle's Labyrinth minutes left of the weekend, but I wanted to put my well wishes out there. I learnt one thing about Easter this year and that is the U.S.A. don’t have any public holidays for Easter. I guess I had never thought about it before, but because I have staff in the US I was curious. Then I was a little shocked because the US has such a large Christian population and I thought they would carry the tradition, but apparently not. So I don’t want to rub it in, but we had a lovely relaxing 4 day weekend!

So to end the Easter weekend I wanted to show you the Easter cupcakes I made a couple of weeks ago. We did a lot of piping this term in my cake decorating class, and I was pretty happy with my butter cream grass! I think butter cream and chocolate were my favourite piping mediums.

Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth I’ll let you know a secret – if you ever forget to put eggs in your cake mix do not fret! You still get lots of compliments about your cupcakes and how light and fluffy they are! Boy, I am a shocker! hehe

The eggs I used on these cupcakes are M&M’s Speckled Eggs – I saw Coxie’s Cakes use them and then saw them at the shops and couldn’t resist. They are such a great idea :)


Today we went to my sister’s for lunch and I thought my niece and nephew might like to try the Cake Push Pops – plus I thought my Mum and Dad might like to try them too. So I made some kids chocolate cake push pops with real cream and star sprinkles. For the adults I made black forest cakes!

These were the first push pops I madeMichelle's Labyrinth at home and I was super happy to find out that I had a circle cutter the exact size! You need to be careful not to cut the cake too thickly, otherwise it is hard to fit 3 layers of cake in the push pop containers.

Then I started layering my cakes, cream, sprinkles and black forest cake ingredients! As I was doing this I thought it would be fun for kids to do too! I have seen cupcake “stations” at kids parties, maybe you could have cake push pop stations instead and they can build their own cake combinations!

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

I was quite happy with my black forest version, although I would have liked more alcohol next time! The bottom layer was super yummy!

Michelle's Labyrinth I didn’t put my fondant cake toppers on until I it was time for desert, because the fondant actually starts to melt into the cream. The colour of the sprinkles melts into the cream as well… but I didn’t mind this time as the sprinkles weren’t the main decoration – just thought I would let you know in case you want to make them.

Michelle's Labyrinth

I hope you all had a lovely Easter however you celebrated it. If you were lucky like my nephew to have enough Easter eggs to build an Easter House (castle) out of them, then please don’t eat them all at once!

Not to rub it in about the public holidays, but we have another one this coming Friday in Australia for Anzac Day – so enjoy your short work week, or if you are taking advantage of taking 3 days off work to get 10 days off in a row – please have fun and keep safe on the roads!!!

Michelle's Labyrinth

























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