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It’s been a little while since I wrote a blog post so I thought I would write about something bright and cheery – ponies! Not just any ponies, but My Little Ponies!Michelle's Labyrinth

In October 2012 my brother-in-law and niece visited us from the UK. They were leaving a few weeks before my niece’s birthday so we decided she needed an Australian birthday party. I was racking my brain about what to make a 4-year-old girl. I didn’t want to ask her Mum or Dad because I wanted it to be a surprise. I figured that when she arrived I would ask some probing questions and find out what she likes.

Hubbie and I went to the airport toMichelle's Labyrinth meet them and I was ecstatic about what I saw – she was holding a My Little Pony! My sisters and I loved My Little Pony growing up. I remember when we were first introduced to them – we received a copied VHS with My Little Pony and Escape from Catrina (the two original standalone episodes of My Little Pony) and the movie The Last Unicorn. I can tell you that VHS was played over and over and over again.

My sisters and I owned a few My Little Ponies growing up and we had our favourites – mine was Bowtie and I am sure it has nothing to do with that she is blue! My middle sister’s favourite was Applejack and my youngest sister loved Moondancer – who was the first unicorn and multi-coloured mane in our collection. (My sisters and I were very fortunate growing up and had our own real little ponies. Here is a photo of me on my Welsh pony called Crystal.)Michelle's Labyrinth

So the decision was made – I wasMichelle's Labyrinth going to make a My Little Pony cake! My niece had a pink pony with strawberries on it and unfortunately I don’t know what it was called. To join her pony I made one for each of my sisters and also one for me! I also made a princess and a rainbow because I know kids LOVE eating fondant rainbows. My niece (almost 4 at the time) also helped with making of the cake and even used the electric beaters and once reminded me to set my scales to zero before weighing something. I think she is going to be a very smart cookie!

Not long after I made the cake I visitedMichelle's Labyrinth a friend who had recently had a baby girl. My friend grew up with ponies and has horses of her own. As soon as I mentioned My Little Pony she said her favourite was Applejack! Then she went on to tell me her Mum threw hers away. I told her how I was now in possession of my Bowtie, but I almost lost her. My youngest sister gave her to my other niece (middle sister’s daughter)! My niece one day was showing me her My Little Ponies and I saw Bowtie and promptly said “She is mine!” This didn’t go down too well and I was told Aunty [LittleMichelle's Labyrinth Sister] gave her to my niece. I happened to turn over Bowtie and the year 1983 was stamped on her hoof. My little sister was born in 1983 so I told my niece that Aunty couldn’t have owned this pony because it was made the year she was born, but I decided I would let my niece have Bowtie for the time being. I am a terrible Aunty and a couple of years later, on my nieces birthday, I asked for Bowtie back! I figured she had outgrown them and had lots of new pressies and the plan worked and she happily gave me Bowtie back :)

Michelle's LabyrinthSo back to my friend, two years later I remember the story and thought I would make her a fondant Applejack. I am fairly happy with how she turned out, she is no way near perfect, but I was able to put a fair bit of detail on her using tweeny went pieces of fondant. I also took the opportunity and played with some piping and tried out making two-toned piped roses.

Michelle's LabyrinthMichelle's Labyrinth

My friend’s little girl, who is now two,Michelle's Labyrinth really liked Applejack and gave her a kiss and said “Horsey. Love it!”. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Since this blog post is about ponies I thought I would share a photo of my friend’s foal who was only a week old when I took the cake around. He is such a beauty.

I’ll try to write more blog posts and more often. And I just wanted to say a special hello and thank you to the couple of people who said they missed my posts. You are so very sweet.








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4 thoughts on “My Ponies

  1. I was so glad to get an email that you had posted on your blog, an then realised we got a mention!!! Thankyou. We loved the cake and the fondant Applejack is amazing. Luci has it sitting on her dresser in her room! She loves it xx

  2. Really great, Michelle! You were no doubt brainwashed about ponies but you are better for it! Was great to remember it all! Thank you! Xxx

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