Monster High and Spider-Man

I am so lucky to have friends and family that encourage my cake decorating! By being asked if I can make their kid’s (or other family member’s) cakes, it gives me the chance to practice, learn new things and do something I really like doing – although my heels and calves sometimes disagree!

This is the second year my friend asked me to make cakes for her 2 children with birthdays 5 days apart and this year my friend asked me if she could make them with me. I hadn’t made a cake with someone since I was about 12 and made my youngest sister’s troll cake! I am sure I let my middle sister help! :) But we had the best day today and it was amazing that we got the 2 cakes done in 6 hours!

My friend’s daughter knew straight away she wanted a Monster High cake (or Ever After High)…. I had no idea what that meant! So I did some Googling and worked out they were both doll franchises and cartoons. I looked at what cakes others had made and thought maybe it was time to explore my girlie sideMichelle's Labyrinth Monster High Abbey Bominable some more and make a doll cake! My friend liked the idea and asked me to get a blue Monster High doll. Yay! Blue is my favourite colour remember 😉

There just happened to be a sale on at Big W and I bought the doll cheap for my friend. There were two blue dolls and I chose Abbey Bominable – apparently she is the daughter of a Yeti. She has light blue skin, fangs, and white hair with blue and pink highlights. Here is a picture of the doll before we put her in a ball gown (she is in her slumber-party wear!)!

Michelle's Labyrinth Monster High Cake c

I ended up buying a Dolly Varden cake tin and I am so glad I did! I made the cake the night before my friend came and iced it with chocolate buttercream and made sure I put a hole down the centre so the dolls legs could go somewhere. I then de-robed the doll and wrapped her legs with Glad-Wrap.

It has been a long time since I played with a doll’s hair and I thought it wasn’t very user-friendly! So I decided a nice sophisticated bun would look nice! I also made sure that her blue and pink highlights could be seen from the sides.

The first task I got my friend to do whenMichelle's Labyrinth Monster High Cake d she arrived was colour some blue and pink fondant for the dress. We decided to add some pink to go with her hair and the ribbon around the board. While my friend was doing that I was preparing the second cake, that my friend made the night before, for icing.

Once the colours were ready (I had bought pre-coloured black) we then attempted to frill the fondant. I admitted to my friend that I hadn’t done “frilling” for a year and my memory of doing it (and also from watching some You-Tube videos the day before) was that frilling was a lot easier than how we found it today! But we managed some frills – just don’t look too closely.

While we were frilling I told my friend I had watched Parenthood and Beetlejuice the Michelle's Labyrinth Monster High Cake aday before. Yeah I know I have watched those 2 movies (again) in the past 2 years, but I know them well and I can imagine them as I hear them, while I am doing other things.

I thought Parenthood was a good movie to watch in honour of my friend – she has 4 kids and a bit of a mixed family. I love Parenthood and all the different types of families within the one extended family and how they all come together and just accept each other for what they are. And that living life like a roller coaster is better than a merry-go-round… I needed that reminder this week.

As soon as I hear the opening credits of Beetlejuice my spirits lift – even my puppies decided it was a good time to go a little psycho. I also reprimanded myself for not having the Beetlejuice soundtrack yet! I just love it so much… so I might download that tonight :)  I thought this was a good movie to watch because of the “monsters” in it – this is why I added some black stripes as background for the above picture (if you have seen the movie you’ll know why!).

Michelle's Labyrinth Monster High Cake bMy friend and I were so happy with how her dress turned out. But I had one more trick I wanted to try – adding some bling to her dress. I showed off my new air brush tool to my friend and we were super happy with the shimmer it gave the blue of her skirt. If you know the Monster High dolls well, you’ll know that Abbey Bominable has glittery light blue skin – she is part Yeti from the Himalayas! So the blue shiny skirt went perfectly with her skin – well that is what we thought. I hope you like our Monster High doll cake!


Michelle's Labyrinth Spider-Man Cake

It was time to start on my friend’s son’s cake. He chose Spider-Man! I had found some cake ideas and sent them through to my friend and she asked for a red cake with a Spider-Man on top. I bought the pre-coloured red fondant and was so glad I did – it was the perfect red for Spider-Man!


Michelle's Labyrinth Spider-Man cake c Michelle's Labyrinth Spider-Man Cake b

After the cake was covered in red I modelled the Spider-Man while my friend played with the cobweb, name, stars and balls. I wish I had a better pen to draw on fondant, but the cobweb on Spider-Man looks pretty good – my friend did a great job.

I really hope my friend’s kids love their birthday cakes. I had such a lovely day with my friend and I cannot believe we did these cakes in 6 hours. Four hands are definitely better than 2! But boy it was good to sit down, eat something and enjoy a cidar while recuperating. I am sort of glad my friend knows how hard cake decorating is and how fiddly it can be, and you also need a fair bit of equipment to make a cake! As she said – it sure is a labour of love :) <3

Michelle's Labyrinth Spider-Man and Monster High Cake a Michelle's Labyrinth Spider-Man and Monster High Cake b







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