Work, Cakes and Friends

I’m falling into some bad habits again. I am back working and have been working pretty hard already; trying to get on top of things as well as make improvements as I go. I have been working some odd hours trying to fit everything in – work, cakes, training, socialising, playing with puppies and keeping house! Everything seems to be left to the last-minute…. :(

I am also feeling quite unorganised and scattered! I used to have a terrific memory, but now I keep forgetting things, especially when I am in the zone of a particular setting. Like if I am at work I generally remember all work things, and when I am not working I remember non-work things. But I don’t seem to be able to cross remember things! I am not sure if it is too much to remember, or if I am getting old!

I have started to do up a schedule so I have time set aside for everything. I got a reminder the other day I am three months into my six month Training and Assessment course and that if I am falling behind then I should say no to some things on my schedule. No? What is the meaning of this no? Well I will let you know how I go with my schedule and if it helps this bad memory of mine!

I have been very lucky to have some supportive friends that have been encouraging me to make cakes for all sorts of occasions. One friend asked me to make a baby shower cake for her friend back in May (yes I am behind in my blog posts about all the cakes I have made!). The cake was to be gender neutral and also not too babyish. The party was a mix of a house-warming and a baby shower and the new-mum-to-be didn’t want too much fuss.

I did some research on baby shower cakes and sent some examples to my friend, and she chose one and I did something similar. This is how my cake turned out:

Michelle's Labyrinth


Michelle's Labyrinth

I as a bit annoyed with my giraffe as he started sagging almost straight away – but I have since learnt a trick in cake decorating class and should have added some Tylopur powder (also known as Tylose powder) as it is a hardening agent when added to fondant.Michelle's Labyrinth

I will also explain the elephant butt. Some of my older friends from high school and university would have seen my elephant butt before, it became a bit of signature back in those days. It was just something that I was good at drawing! I continued the tradition and have signed some of my niece’s and nephew’s birthday cards with the elephant in, and after I made this cake I showed my niece and nephew and they chuckled greatly! Oh, and when my niece broke her arm earlier this year guess what she wanted me to draw on her cast!! :) Michelle's Labyrinth

I think this was the first two tiered cake with different flavours I made – chocolate on the bottom and rainbow swirl vanilla on the top. My friend said everyone was over the moon with the cake and amazed with the decorations and the rainbow top layer and the chocolate frosting in the bottom layer.Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth

I was over the moon to be asked to make it and thank you again to all of my friends that continue to support my creative side! And also thank you to all the readers of my blog! It’s lovely to know that people enjoy reading it :)

So if you would ever like me to make you a cake, please ask me! The worst thing I can do is say no because I have prior engagements. There is that word ‘no’ again :) I think some of us need some courage (like the Lion from The Wizard of Oz) to say ‘no’ more often! I know I do :)Michelle's Labyrinth




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2 thoughts on “Work, Cakes and Friends

  1. Loved the cake Michelle, you are getting better& better at cake making. Sounds like life is pretty hectic for you at the moment. I try & pace myself, if I don’t I am no good to anyone. Think of you & Noel often. See you soon. Love from Theresa

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