Wanneroo Show – Part 3: Sugar Art and More Photos

I was asked on the weekend if I have any made cakes recently and I said no I haven’t. The person said “what, you’ve had no birthdays?”. Lord, give me strength! I have been working and this person has been told I have been working hard! I am not working the 60 odd hours a week I used to, but I have been working half of that, plus trying to fit in sleeping, socialising and cake decorating class. I do not seem to be getting enough sleep nor seeing everyone I would like to! And yes housekeeping and cooking are being neglected again! Thankfully the puppies don’t mind, and the hubbie only gets grumpy if he can’t find socks & jocks! I am just trying to fit in as much as I can, without doing too much.

I have actually said no to a couple of cakes recently and also had to make the decision not to enter anything into the Wanneroo Show this year, even though there was a new category for cake decorating students & novices. I am so disappointed I can’t enter a cake in the show, but I am slowly learning to say no to things. I do have a couple of cakes coming up (yes two birthdays for two special kids that I do not want to disappoint, and I love the themes they have chosen!) and also I am in the middle of a felting project that an Aunty asked me to make.Michelle's Labyrinth

So since the Wanneroo Show is in 8 days time, I thought I would share the last of the entries I put in last year. I have previously written about the Special Occasion Cake, Christmas Cake and the flower photographs. I also entered two cakes for tasting! I made the Rich Fruit cake per their recipe – OMG it was so annoying chopping all the fruit and nuts per the recipe – “To ensure uniformity and depending upon the size it is suggested the raisins be snipped into two or three pieces; Cherries into four to six pieces and Almonds crosswise into three to four pieces.” I also made my first boiled fruit cake, that turned out pretty good, but probably had a little too much ginger in it for my liking. I also prefer my recipe for fruit cake, than theirs! hehe As you can tell I didn’t win for those entries.

I also entered aMichelle's Labyrinth piece in the sugar art category. As I may have said in my previous blogs, I was mislead about the quality of art entered into the show. I also over-committed myself and didn’t leave enough time for my sugar art piece. My piece is an elf, but I just wanted to do so Michelle's Labyrinthmuch more. I entered it anyway and worked out pretty quickly that I was way out of my league when the lady ticking off the entries asked if it was a child’s entry. The same lady also let out a deep sigh when I came in the third time with the last of my entries and said “you have more” – gee I am sorry for supporting the community show! I can’t find the note the judge wrote about my piece, but she was nice and brief and said something along of the lines of “Thank you, a fun entry”. Not much more needed to be said after seeing the other pieces!

So here is some of the sugar art I was up against. I particularly like Narnia scene. The pieces that won first and second were AMAZING!

Michelle's LabyrinthMichelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth  Michelle's Labyrinth

I also entered some photography in the Animals – Domestic and also Animals – Non-Domestic. The domestic photos were of my Mum’s Westie Daisy, and also the photo of Makita’s paws. I liked the photo that came second of the cat lying on its back. The lightning is great as it just has feeling of farm colours, and the photo is sharp. But the shot of the dog’s head apparently won first prize. I am sorry, it is a nice dog and all, but I do not know how it is a great photo? I have included a snapshot of all of the entries for you to make own decision. I think quite a few others are much better, I guess I just do not know what they were looking for.MIchelle's Labyrinth

MIchelle's Labyrinth

MIchelle's LabyrinthMIchelle's Labyrinth

MIchelle's Labyrinth

My non-domestic animals were of my five drinking zebras and the colourful lizard. Both of which I took in Tanzania and I am super happy with the zebras shot. I was whispering to the zebras from about 500m telling them to put all their heads down at once! It worked! I love the shot of the frog that won first prize.

Michelle's Labyrinth

MIchelle's Labyrinth

MIchelle's LabyrinthMIchelle's Labyrinth

I also wanted to sMIchelle's Labyrinthhare one more photo from the humorous category. I saw it when I was delivering my photos and thought it was fantastic. I am so glad it won its category!

I hope this years Wanneroo Show is a huge success, especially since my friend works very hard on her areas.

Oh, and this is how Hamlet interjected himself between my legs on the end of the recliner while I wrote this blog! :)MIchelle's Labyrinth

Here is the link to Part 2 if you missed it: http://michelleslabyrinth.com.au/wordpress/wanneroo-show-part-2-butterflies-and-flowers/
(There won’t be a Part 4 as I crammed the rest into this one :)  )





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