Wanneroo Show – Part 1: A Very Merry Christmas

It’s been a month since I entered some cakes and photos into the Wanneroo Show so I better update you on what I made. I’ll say right from the top that I didn’t win in any of the categories I entered and I agree with the judges on all but one photography category. I got in trouble from a friend after my Gidgegannup posts that I made you wait until the second post before telling you if I won anything, hence why I told you the result now!¬† LOL! ūüėÄ

This post is about the cake category – “Decorated Cake, one tier. Fruit cake only. Suitable for a Christmas Cake.” The following cake is the one that won and I totally agree it was amazing. The detail on the Santa and reindeer is terrific. I love the border and skirt of the cake.

Michelle's Labyrinth

The following cake came second. It is a good cake but I think it is quite plain.

Michelle's Labyrinth

The next two cakes were pretty cool and a lot more detail than what I did.

Michelle's Labyrinth  Michelle's Labyrinth

The following elf cake is amazing. I think it should have won a place. You can see how big it was compared to the beach Santa cake. I love it!

Michelle's Labyrinth

The next cake is mine. You will probably recognise that it is very similar to the Christmas in July cake I made, but this one is all fruit cake. I also covered the board with fondant and put a ribbon around the edge of the cake board. I wanted to put a scarf around the snowman but ran out of time.

Michelle's Labyrinth

The judges for the cake decorating categories¬†give you comments. The comments I received for this cake were: “Thank you for entering. Cake covering needs practice. Piping around base of cake will seal it to the board and finish it off. Also it is another technique to learn. Love your penguins. See you next time.”

Michelle's Labyrinth

I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but when I made the Craft with Friends cake, one of the ladies at craft asked if I would make their Christmas cake for the last day of the year. I said of course, I was honoured. So when I decided to make a fruit cake for the Wanneroo Show I thought I would then take the cake to craft. All the ladies seemed to really enjoy it. The cake was still very moist. All my figurines were snaffled up and many of the ladies took a piece home for their husbands. I was so glad it was all eaten and enjoyed. (I love the outline of where Santa was sitting Рsee below right photo!)

Michelle's Labyrinth   Michelle's Labyrinth

The other day¬†my friend and her two kids came over to visit so I made some Christmas cupcakes! Any excuse right?¬†I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a lovely New Year. I’ll try and keep the posts coming and hopefully more often!

Michelle's Labyrinth



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One thought on “Wanneroo Show – Part 1: A Very Merry Christmas

  1. Michelle, I think your entry was great; the penguins are so expressive especially the ones on the cup cakes,. I can see two little puppies featuring soon. Happy Christmas.

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