The Flower Pot

Bill and Ben Flower Pot Men is all I can think of! I usually try to create a witty title for my blog posts, but today my post is about a flower pot and I cannot get past Bill and Ben. I have no recollection of watching
Bill and Ben, although I rememberMichelle's Labyrinth Flower Pot having discussions with Mum about it in the car (quite specific!). I just Googled it and Bill and Ben were originally aired (in TV Series Watch With Mother) from 1950-1974 so I reckon it was a show Mum watched and she tried once or twice to be smart about the names Bill and Ben… but maybe I am wrong and I watched it with Mother! (Sad joke? 😛  )

So to the actual flower pot in question! This term in cake decorating class we made flowers. Lots of flowers and of different varieties. The only flowers we coloured during the term were the 2 hibiscus – the rest we left until the last day to colour and then plant in a pot!

Michelle's Labyrinth Flower PotThe first night we made the centre of about 4 different flowers (everlasting daisies, hibiscus, formal roses and gardenias). The second week we made a gardenia and some primulas.

The big cream flower with pink edging is my gardenia – I only made one full one. The primulas are the small blue and purple ones. They are a great “filler” flower and they come in a wide range of colours in real life!


Despite my Dad being an amazing gardener and my sister being a botanist – I have no idea what plants and flowers are called – besides roses, Geraldton wax and frangipanis. I don’t even say “plant” right by most Australians – I say “plarnt” not plant with a short A! That would be because of my British parents! So each week as I was making these flowers I Googled their names to see what they looked like!

We then made some formal roses  – these are more open compared to the other roses I have made and they have stamens. I ended up colouring these roses pink and a deep red. You can see one of the deep red ones hiding under my orange hibiscus.

Michelle's Labyrinth Flower PotMichelle's Labyrinth Flower Pot

Michelle's Labyrinth Flower PotWe also made some orange blossoms, which I love, and they will be another great filler flower. I believe orange blossoms should have yellow or orange heads on the stamen, but I liked the pink ones and I thought they looked quite pretty once they were together. I also like how the orange blossoms look nice draping over the pot.


The following week we put another row of petals on our formal roses and made everlasting daisies. I loved making the everlasting daisies and you may remember I made some extra ones for the office party cake I made. They are so easy and really pretty! I am sure you are going to see more of these in the future.

Michelle's Labyrinth Flower PotWe then made our 2 hibiscus flowers. The petals were quite hard to place just because of the size of them (and you can’t drop the petals because they will crack!). But I got each one to a position I liked and put florist tape around the stem to keep the petal in place. The same night we made them we coloured them – with Wilton’s Colour Mist! I have been a bit dubious about buying the colour mist in the past – well it comes out of an aerosol can so there must be chemicals in it! But it was so much fun colouring the flowers with mist! And I was able to blend the colours a bit. Two things you need to be careful about colour mist is that if you haven’t shaken the can well, or if the colour is running out, it can spray drops onto your work. Also it fades fast! I usually put all my fondant creations in my kitchen cabinet, but I left my flowers out the whole term. By the last week the pink hibiscus was showing lots of white! I just dusted it on the last night – so it wasn’t the end of the world.

The last flower we made was the water lily. I love the colour of my water lilies – so bright and vibrant! I should have another row of pink petals on the water lilies – but that was going to be another hour or so of work! I think I made the right decision to leave them that size because they would have been too big for my pot – plus one of my formal roses was not put in my pot because I had run out of room!

I would like to thank Lyn at My Delicious for the awesome term and for arranging my flowers in my pot. I am really enjoying my cake decorating classes. The ladies are lovely and we always have a great laugh – at the expense of children, “sausages” are spoken of and we laugh (or swear) at Lyn for making us make hard decorations! I am looking forward to next term – but I am keeping the topic a secret – I am very excited about it!

Michelle's Labyrinth Flower Pot

Just before I go, since I mentioned colour mist and how I liked the idea of it. Well I have been very keen on learning how to use an airbrush. There is also a cake that I am making soon that I think will be perfect with some airbrushing, so my research into it became more vigorous. After a particular trying week hubbie said I could buy an airbrush (to brighten me up!) so the next day I went into Cake Tinz n Things and asked them if they recommended a particular brand. The newMichelle's Labyrinth Airbrushing owner came up to me and said that she was about to announce a special for an airbrush and a hands on demonstration in the next couple of days.

So Saturday just gone was the demonstration and it was great! We were given 2 cupcakes, a rose, some small flowers and a chocolate lolly pop!

Two hours later they were all coloured and I was quite pleased with my first play! I cannot wait to practice some more on fondant. I also learnt one strange thing (the lady taking the demonstration is an artists and knows all about colours) and is that pink is one of the fasted fading colours. Don’t ask me for specifics, but I thought that was interesting since it was the pink that faded on my hibiscus!

Michelle's Labyrinth AirbrushingMichelle's Labyrinth Airbrushing

On Sunday I tried airbrushing on buttercream, but it seems to spot a bit. I am not sure if I wasn’t allowing the airbrushing to dry enough before putting more on, or if it was reacting with the buttercream. The cupcakes we made in class were piped with Dream Whip (or some soy version).

I guess I’ll just have to practice!  And no I didn’t make the dinosaurs – they are a Coles brand. I didn’t have time to make special cupcake toppers because it was end of financial year! I hope I can write more soon. And I hope you liked my Flower Pot!

Michelle's Labyrinth Airbrushing




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