Rolling Stones Cake

The first cake I made in 2015 was for my Mum! I am pretty sure it is the first cake I have made for her – although I have made her cupcakes before. I had two different ideas for this cake and a third option was doing a cake with both things on it, but it ended up coming down to how much time and energy I had to make the cake that decided what it would be – a Rolling Stones cake! (I am keeping the other option a secret – possibly for Mother’s Day :) )Michelle's Labyrinth Rolling Stones

I have probably mentioned before that Mum is a huge Rolling Stones fan. My sisters and I had to put up with listening to the Rolling Stones afternoon after afternoon! We groaned, we whined, we shut the door and put the TV on or we ran outside and played! Anything but listen to the “prancing peacock” once again. Dad, being a fan of The Beatles, agreed with my sisters and I to a certain extent and used to call Mick Jagger the prancing peacock, and up until 5 minutes ago I thought my Dad thought that name up himself, but according to Google I can no longer believe that.Michelle's Labyrinth Rolling Stones

I am not exactly sure how my Mum and her friend Lynne convinced me, but I think it was in 1995 for the Voodoo Lounge Tour that they dragged me to Perth Airport for when the Rolling Stones were to arrive so we could either get some photos of them or autographs. We found a few dozen other crazy fans along the wire fence on the north side of the airport and we indeed saw the Rolling Stones‘ aeroplane taxi up to about 200 metres away. We saw the band disembark and even a couple of them waved to us crazy fans before they got into their vehicles. We were a little disappointed they didn’t come any closer, but then some of the other people said they were going to a particular hotel and we should head there too.

At this point in time I cannot remember what the plan was. It was fairly late at night and we lived an hour out of the city, so I don’t know if Mum had decided whether we would go to the hotel or not. So we headed to our car, paid for parking, drove out of the airport parking and I don’t remember being in any particular rush. As we got to one of the roundabouts just outside of the airport parking we were stopped by security. We were first or second in line at the blocked roundabout and we were wondering what was happening, then right before us passed a black limousine and three or four silver Toyota Taragos – it was the Rolling Stones!!

You can probably imagine the excitement that happened then – a 19-year-old and 2 crazy 40+ year olds realising we were going to be able to follow the Rolling Stones‘ convoy! What happened over the next 10 or so minutes happened so quickly, but it is etched into my memory quite clearly (well as clearly as a 20-year-old memory and from my point of view!). Mum was driving, and I am pretty sure I was in the front with Lynne in the back behind me. As soon as securityMichelle's Labyrinth Rolling Stones let us pass we were off! Most of the drive down Brearley Avenue was us trying to catch up with the convoy – it wasn’t hard to see  a few Taragos in a row. By the time we got onto Great Eastern Highway we were able to catch up with them! Oh my!

Thankfully Great Eastern Highway is a dual carriageway and a slow highway between Perth Airport and the actual city of Perth. And also thankfully the convoy had safe drivers who kept to the speed limit and kept left. This all enabled us to drive along side each of the Taragos! First off was a Tarago for Charlie Watts and his family. Charlie was sitting up very straight on the back seat with his wife – all very composed – which was quite the opposite to Lynne and I madly waving to them out of our windows and Mum driving at pace with them! Charlie ended up turning to us, smiling and giving a Queen-like wave!! Yay! Next Tarago!

The next Tarago was Keith Richards and oh my isn’t Keith just the epitome of cool! Keith was leaning out of his car window on his elbow smoking! He had on one of his headbands, he had his skull ring on his finger! And he said hello to us, waved and laughed! Now I am imaging a can of alcohol in his left hand… this is my memory right! I reckon Mum would have loved to stay there forever, but we had two more vehicles to catch and were running out of road. Next was Ronnie Wood. He was pretty low-key, but he definitely acknowledged this crazy car of fans driving along side him and gave us a wave. Quick Mum – to the limo!

So we’re alongside the limo that encapsulated Mum’s all time hero – Mick Jagger! The windows were up and heavily tinted and all we could really make out was the silhouette of Mick staring straight ahead and he refused to acknowledge us. We were able to drive along side him for half a kilometre or so and Lynne and I really tried to get him to look our way, but he just wouldn’t. Then we had a dilemma, we were running out of Great Eastern Highway and we didn’t know which hotel they were staying at and how they would get there.

At this point in time Great Easter Highway is 3 lanes and it comes up to a fork where the right 2 lanes go straight and the left lane peels off and heading directly to the city. For about 25 metres the left (forked) lane becomes 2 lanes so the vehicle can keep left, or stay in the right lane. The left lane ends can end up turning left, but both lanes can turn right towards the city. So we’re in the middle lane, Mick is in the left lane and we need to be in the left lane to keep following him – but we are right along side him!! There is a lot of yelling at this stage – what to do! And for those 25 metres we’re praying that the limo driver will keep left so we can get into the second left lane (yeah its confusing – sorry!). And my Mum is driving her car so close to the limo trying to hint to move over – so close to the limo that Mick Jagger finally looks at us! YIPPEE!! Mike Jagger acknowledged us! We were happy. That is what we came for – our own special moment with the Rolling Stones, even if the moment was coerced by the possibility of a car accident! So Mum moved the car a safe distance away and as we continued on the middle lane, that becomes Canning Highway, we looked longingly at the black limo as it disappeared. But what a high! What a story! And special moments with each of the band members!

So over the years I have come to appreciateMichelle's Labyrinth Rolling Stones the Rolling Stones music and can be found singing along. Twenty-odd years ago I would never have imagined that I would actually attend a Rolling Stones concert – but that is what I did last November! Mum and her friend Lynne (who I must tell you – Mum and Lynne met in the tickets line for a Rolling Stones concert a century ago!) were so excited leading up to the concert (especially after it had been postponed in March 2014). So I sent Mum some teasing messages including the “No More Sleeps” picture!Concert

While at the concert I had a giggleMichelle's Labyrinth to myself, I hadn’t thought about the “prancing peacock” for years, until I actually saw Mick be one on stage and he actually strutted like a peacock! It was a brilliant concert and I cannot believe they are 70+ years old! I hope I have that much energy and vitality when I am that age!

And speaking of age, the reason why I made sure I made my Mum a cake this year is because she hit a milestone – 60! Sorry Mum! But I hope you liked your cake and also liked reminiscing about our Rolling Stones airport adventure :)

PS I think my Mum is extremely cute in this photo. This photo of her reminds me of Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Hope you had a lovely birthday Mum!!! And you definitely do not look 60!! xxx

Michelle's Labyrinth Rolling Stones











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