Afternoon Tea at Michelle’s

I had afternoon tea and a Stampin’ Up party today and it was a great deal of fun! I thought it would be a great opportunity to make a cake and a pie! So I wanted to share what I prepared for some of my friends and family today :-)

First of all I thought I would make peppermint slice. I haven’t had it since primary school days. Do you remember when once or twice a year they would do a fundraising drive selling caramel slice, hedgehog slice and of course peppermint slice – my favourite!!? Every now and then I think of peppermint slice, I even remember around 5 years ago I was having someone over for a morning or afternoon tea and I wanted some peppermint slice. I remember bumping into an Aunty at the shops and she asked what I was doing, and after I told her she said “Why don’t you just make it?”.

Well, after making all the goodies yesterday and this morning, I know why I didn’t make my own peppermint slice; I just didn’t have the time! I spent over 10 hours cooking, loading/emptying dishwasher and decorating a cake. And I had to cook 2 cakes (tell you more later), but when I was working I just wouldn’t have been able to do any of the cooking at all. So today Aunty, you had some of my cooking!!! I bet you don’t remember mentioning that to me years ago! :-)

The blue ‘white chocolate’ is my little touch, the recipe said to colour it green – but I love blue! And I just had my first slice to test it for my blog and YUM!!! I’m glad I have a fair bit left (sent off ‘doggie bags’ of the leftover cake below), I am definitely going to munch on a square every day for the next week or so :)

Michelle's Labyrinth Peppermint Slice_0

Next I wanted to make a pie, but I thought with the number of people I was having over, it would be easier making individual pies. I love Google – I decided on cherry pies, so I just Googled ‘cherry pie muffin size’ and all these recipes came up. I chose a very simple recipe (almost too simple) and the ingredients were store bought pastry and canned cherry pie filling. From what I know canned pie filling is more an American thing and I didn’t trust being able to buy it if I looked for it yesterday, so I decided to use my Cherry Cobbler recipe ( to make the filling. They turned out very nice! Especially with a dollop of cream :-)

Michelle's LabyrinthMichelle's Labyrinth

I also wanted to make some savouryMichelle's Labyrinth goodies. I considered making my own sausage rolls, but thankfully I didn’t set the bar too high for myself and just bought party sausage rolls. But I did want to make something, and I thought of how you can buy mini quiches and they always seem to go down well. So I made my own mini quiches. Everyone seemed to like them; I only had one leftover!

And of course I wanted to make aMichelle's Labyrinth cake. After some encouragement from Coxie’s Cakes on Facebook ( I bought a cake pop mould during the week (bumped into the same Aunty at the shop when I was buying the cake pop mould!). I followed a tutorial from another cake expert on Facebook to make a spotty cake (!/media/set/?set=a.407901802618343.96142.366448136763710&type=3) and was also inspired by Coxie’s Cakes to make a ladybug! (Check out this one!/photo.php?fbid=549884155056500&set=pb.305399936171591.-2207520000.1365949457&type=3&theater ).

My first freak yesterday was when I was tookMichelle's Labyrinth the cake pops out of the oven the first time. I wasn’t sure how to tell if they were cooked through… so I lifted the lid gently on one side and there were cake balls!! I was excited! I then lifted the lid all the way off and the middle size balls were all mush! So I thought the best thing to do was to close the lid and shove it all back in the oven and see what happens in 5 more minutes! I was fairly happy with the outcome :)

Michelle's LabyrinthSo I layered the cake balls per the tutorial and just hoped all would turn out okay! I was trying a Madeira cake recipe, because it is a more dense cake and apparently the balls are less likely to rise or sink. However, for my second freak of the day I had my first CAKE FAIL! I tested the cake with a skewer, and after the fourth test the skewer came out clean. I cooled the cake in the tin for a while, and then took it out of the tin and got an awful surprise! It collapsed! All I can think is that I entereMichelle's Labyrinthd the skewer in a cake ball… I still had plenty of cake balls left, so I made another cake – this time using my trusted Vanilla Cake recipe!

I doubled my Vanilla Cake recipeMichelle's Labyrinth because I wanted to make sure I had enough to cover the cake balls, but the mixture ended up being way too much for the cake tin I used and rose above the top of the cake tin and almost overflowed the edge. It took a lot longer for actual cake to cook (I used a knife to check it and not a skewer!!!) so the top and edges were very brown. So I trimmed them! I wanted a ladybug shape anyway. I was a little bummed that a black ball was showing on the side of the cake, but there was nothing I could do at the last stage. So I covered it with icing and the ladybug looked pretty cute!!

Michelle's Labyrinth

And the dots looked pretty cute to me :-)

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

So I really enjoyed my afternoon tea and I hope my family and friends that came did too! And the bonus of afternoon tea was that we made a very pretty card! And my puppies Hamlet and Macbeth were very well behaved and they also slept very well afterwards!

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth



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