Boss Wants a Party

Overcrowded officeRecently at work we moved into our own office premises. Where we were was getting a tad overcrowded (picture source: and the business was still growing! So of course we had to have an office warming party when we moved. Unfortunately when we had the office party originally planned, the premises weren’t ready. We were told the day before we were supposed to take the lease that the premises still needed to befunny_office_party_personalized_invitations painted and cleaned! We still held the party in the old office for some awards that needed be handed out.

When we had been in our new office  a couple of weeks I got the request to arrange the office warming party – take 2! The day we planned for the party was my hubbie’s (and The Boss) actual birthday. Not only that, but there were 3 other birthdays that week and hubbie asked if I would make a cake. (Picture source:

‘What cake should I make for an office party?’ was the next problem that needed to be solved. It was actually hubbie that came up with the idea and that was to do a cake of our head company’s mascot – Albert the Silver Pig!

I let my brain mull over how Michelle's Labyrinth PigI would make the pig for a couple of weeks and then it just came to me one day – I would make a ball cake (like my Christmas Bauble) and add legs! And by golly gosh it worked! If I had more time I would have tried to smooth Albert’s legs better, but I was quite happy with the end result – especially happy with Wilton’s Silver Color Mist!

Michelle's Labyrinth AlbertMichelle's Labyrinth Albert 2

I also wanted to do a little somethingMichelle's Labyrinth Martial Arts special for each of the birthday people. One guy does various martial arts and I know he doesn’t wear a karate gi for all of them, but I hoped that everyone would work out who the karate boy was meant for.

Michelle's Labyrinth EaglesThe next guy is into Australian football and has started playing again this year. So made a little West Coast Eagles player – who is a bit of a mixture of Darren Glass (the captain) and the birthday boy!


I wracked my brain really hard about what to make the birthday girl. All I know is that she works hard, has 4 boys (2 children, 2 adults) at home. I thought of making her a handbag, but just wasn’t sure if that was the best I could come up with… I also stalked her Facebook page, but the only things she seems to like are diamond rings and clothes!! Then I thought of flowers… Since I am making a lot of them this term in cake decorating class and there have been a few I really liked, I thought I would make the birthday girl a bunch of everlasting daisies and put them in a vase. And lucky I didn’t make anything too personal, because on the day of the office party we found out one of our new starters birthday was actually on that day too! So I snuck 2 candles in front of the flowers so all the birthday people had one to blow out :)Michelle's Labyrinth Flowers

Lastly was my hubbie and I really wanted to make him an aeroplane. He has his private pilot’s license so I have been thinking of making him one for years – but how would you get the wings to stay up! Then the week before making the cake Coxie’s Cakes made an aeroplane cake with some clouds holding the plane up – what a great idea! So I made my hubbie a low wing Cessna – because that is the next plane he would like to learn to fly. Apparently the aeroplane took me an hour to make – I was online with a friend in the U.S. giving her updates on the cake, and she pointed out that it only took me an hour to make. All I knew was I had red paint and blue dust EVERYWHERE!

Michelle's Labyrinth Cessna Michelle's Labyrinth Cessna 2

This cake was fun to transport – look at my travel companions!

Michelle's Labyrinth Travel Companions

Finally some pictures with the cake all together!

Michelle's Labyrinth Office Party Cake

Michelle's Labyrinth Office Party1

So I hope you like my latest cake with 5 stories! The guys at work seemed to like it :)

Michelle's Labyrinth Office Party 2





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