California Food Odyssey

Today hubbie and I had yummy naughty American food! Most of this trip we have been having two meals a day – lunch and dinner. We just haven’t been getting up early enough, or had to rush to get to where we were going, like Legoland or Seasworld! But today I set my alarm so we could have breakfast!

Hubbie has been in Berkeley for 6 weeks now, setting up an administration office for his business. So he had scoped out lots of good eating places. About a month ago he sent through a picture of his breakfast – bacon and pancakes! That is one American Food Oddity (e.g. peanut butter and jelly or potato crisps with every lunch order (even cafes)) that we like! So off we went to ‘La Note’ in Berkeley – and we even had to wait 15 minutes for a table!

I had scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and crème fraîche pancakes! Hubbie had the same but with raspberry pancakes. They were amazing!

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

As you know I am a little obsessed with pie! So I googled the best pie places in San Francisco and dragged hubbie along for lunch. The pie place was not exactly close to our hotel, so after a downhill walk, a trolley ride and the a horrendous uphill walk we made it to ‘Mission Pie’. I’d already scanned the menu and knew I was going to order Banana Cream Pie if it was available. Hubbie had Chicken Pot Pie… All I can say is YUM!!!

Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's LabyrinthThen tonight we went to the baseball! Our first game – San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athletics. We had awesome seats and the Giants won! YAY! I was going to get a hot dog, but when it came to order I decided to brave a Spicy Chili Dog – OMG it was amazing! The sausage was to die for, the chili [American English] was okay, not as good as my chilli [British English] con carne, but still good. But it was terribly messy! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's LabyrinthTrying to control the mess –>






Hubbie got a AnguMichelle's Labyrinths Beef Burger, which was okay… Messy too from the look of his shorts – that yellow mustard went everywhere!!  :-)


So that was our naughty food day – thankfully San Francisco is hilly to help burn it off! More pie tomorrow I think :)



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