Halloween Cupcakes

Michelle's Labyrinth Last week one of my cousins messaged me asking if I was able to make her some Halloween cupcakes to take to a Halloween party! Of course I said yes! The past two years I have made cupcakes or a cake around Halloween, and I was a little sad that I wasn’t making anything this year. The week was hectic for me due to numerous deadlines with the tax office, but I made time for these cupcakes and I thought it would be good for me to get away from the computer. Plus I had Halloween cupcake wrappers and sprinkles just waiting for such an occasion.Michelle's Labyrinth

The idea of the cupcakes came from a photo I shared on my Michelle’s Labyrinth Facebook page. The shared photo has disappeared for some reason (Facebook does weird things sometimes), but I did happen to read the blog about the cupcakes. Check it out here if you like: http://www.mycakeschool.com/blog/halloween-cupcake-tutorial/ . This lady made her creatures with melted chocolate and various lollies. I am terrible at piping chocolate, so until I have time for lots of practice I decided to make all the creatures/decorations with my trusty fondant! But you can see I borrowed some ideas from My Cake School Blog.

I told hubbie that I was making my cousinMichelle's Labyrinth  some cupcakes and he then said I want a cupcake! I told him no, because I told my cousin she was going to get a dozen, and I wasn’t going to pinch one for my hubbie. So he then proceeded to tell me how one of the guys in the office brings in baked treats from his wife and he was forced to eat banana bread the other day (my husband hates 2 things – bananas and tomatoes!). So I said okay!! I’ll make some cupcakes, but they may not be decorated as good as my cousins :)Michelle's Labyrinth

I ended up getting up at 4am to make the cupcakes and due to the earliness, I made a boo-boo with the first batch! I wanted to make orange cupcakes with a black swirl. The mixture looked great in the bowl, but as I scooped the mixture into the cupcake tins the mixture became an awful grey! So luckily I was making a second batch – this time I put the black mixture into the cupcake tins separately and gave it a light swirl there. Mental note for next time – mix colours in the cake tin!

Then as I watched The Labyrinth and Pete’s Dragon for the 245th times, I made little creatures and decorations for the cupcakes. Our team at work seemed to really appreciate them. Hubbie was happy that he got a cupcake (or two!). Even two little girls, daughters of one of the ladies in the office, got one


each and I was even sent a photo of them with their big smiles :) And it was lovely to see my cousin, although it was only for a few minutes. So I think I won all round :)

These are the cupcakes for my cousin – which ended up being butter cake.Michelle's Labyrinth

And the cupcakes I took to work – vanilla flavour.  have decided I don’t like vanilla! hehe Fruit cake, butter cake or a non-heavy chocolate cake are much more to my taste! :)Michelle's Labyrinth

I hope you had a lovely Halloween or Hallowmas (All Hallows’ Eve (Hallowe’en), All Saints’ Day (All Hallows’) and All Souls’ Day) or even just a great weekend if you are not into any of them :)Michelle's Labyrinth





Cupcake Catch-up – Part 1

Wow! I haven’t posted a blog for three weeks. Time has flown by. I am continually thinking about my blog and what to write next. I still have a lot to write, plus I love writing so that is a bonus. I hope you think that is a bonus! :)

I made three dozen cupcakes for my friend on the weekend so have been thinking about cupcakes! I thought I would write about all the cupcakes I have made so far. Plus I thought this post would be shorter in words and have more pictures so you can zoom through! As I know we are all busy!

So here are the cupcakes I have made so far – well Part 1 of :)

May 2009 – Mother’s Day

Just an excuse to make some cupcakes and spoil my Mum!

Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth     Michelle's Labyrinth

July 2009 – Mother-in-law’s Birthday

Some cupcakes I made my mother-in-law. They are supposed to be the colour of the Western Australian football team the Fremantle Dockers. However mixing red and blue food colouring doesn’t make purple as easy as you think!

Michelle's Labyrinth

October 2009 – Halloween

I went to my first Halloween party in 2009! And I was lucky to be invited to two Halloween parties that year! The other one was held by a Canadian who missed Halloween the previous few years. I wish Australia celebrated Halloween more. If you want to read more about my Halloween love check out this blog post:


My sister holds the best Halloween parties! She made coffins and grave headstones and put them in the front garden. She also made a scary ‘basement’ and had a table with all sorts of ‘tools’ and body parts (sausages for intestines, slimy cherry tomatoes for eyeMichelle's Labyrinth balls, and a bowl full of crushed tomatos and what looks like spices of chicken…. ) and to top all that off, she filled the spare bath and put red food colouring in it and wrote ‘Bloody Mary’ on the mirror!

So something a little less scary, here are the cupcakes I made for my sister’s party!

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

November 2009 – Kalgoorlie ReunionMichelle's Labyrinth

We had a BBQ for some friends from Kalgoorlie (or had already left Kalgoorlie as well). The orange bars are supposed to be gold bars, and the block pots with gold coming out of them are supposed to be gold pours. Plus the cupcakes spell out Kalgoorlie!

Michelle's Labyrinth

January 2010 – Highschool Reunion

I lacked some creativity after Christmas so made some colourful cupcakes for some very good old friends… and my friend’s kids!

2010 Highschool_2 2010 Highschool_1

March 2011 – Visiting Cousin’s

We visited hubbie’s cousins, who are from Brisbane, for dinner. So I made a Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns cupcakes for our cousins and West Coast Eagles for hubbie and I. I made a generic football cupcake for their son and a princess cupcake for their daughter! The kids seemed to concentrate pretty hard on the cupcakes when eating them :)

Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth    Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth  Michelle's Labyrinth

Hopefully I’ll post some more of my blog soon! :-)




All Hallows’ Eve

I wish we observed Halloween more in Australia –  I love the spooky and also any excuse to party or get together with family and friends. And of course Australia is a major agricultural producer and exporter that contributes approximately 12% of Australia’s GDP – so shouldn’t we have a harvest festival or honour Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds (depending on how you believe Halloween originated)!

I don’t understand people who complain that Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day are over commercialised. I guess Halloween is starting to fall into that category too, because there does seem to be more products available for purchase compared to years ago. But I do not think they are over commercialised, because just understanding the concept of ‘supply and demand’ means there must be a demand for the products, otherwise it would be Michelle's Labyrinthunprofitable to supply them! Also is over commercialisation a bad thing? Doesn’t it mean there are even more beautiful Christmas decorations available to buy; cheaper Easter Eggs because of the volumes (debatable); and more specific Valentine Teddy Bears purchasable (differing from teddy lingerie – an unfortunate ex-boyfriend make the mistake of seeing a Valentine special for silk teddies, thinking it was a silk teddy bear. Caused for an embarrassing situation at the store for him!). The products available in USA for Halloween are even cooler than anything I have seen here. These are some items I purchased in Maine this year.

Michelle's LabyrinthThe first thing to pop into my head each time I think about Halloween is the Disney cartoon The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I can clearly see the headless horseman, on his rearing black steed, holding a burning jack-o-lantern next to a covered bridge. About a week ago I watched The Legend of Sleepy Hollow on YouTube and it is scary! Probably why it is etched into my brain. I barely Michelle's Labyrinthremember the first part of the movie – a lanky teacher (named Ichabod Crane) with his head always in a book competing with a bustling burly man for the local beauty. I am wondering if around Halloween each year The Wonderful World of Disney had a Halloween special and just showed the last half of the movie, starting from when he enters the woods on his old horse after a party…

Michelle's Labyrinth

If you want to watch The Legend of Sleepy Hollow here is the YouTube Link:

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a8il8kOMsg  (make sure you watch the 4 parts uploaded by )

My brother-in-law and niece were over from the U.K. for the past two weeks. Last Saturday we hosted a party where all my hubbie’s extended family and my brother-in-law’s old friends were invited. We were expecting around 50 adults and 20 kids so I wanted to make a big cake! I struggled with what I should make and hubbie couldn’t come up with any suggestions about things my bro-in-law especially likes. So since it was close to Halloween I thought a Halloween cake would be a great idea!

While making my latest creation I had a Tim Burton session. Tim Burton is one my favourite directors/producers/writers (all round artist!). So the inspiration for my Halloween cake included (watched in this order) The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Michelle's LabyrinthEdward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and lastly Sleepy Hollow (Johnny Depp’s version of Ichabod Crane! I love Christopher Walken as the headless horseman – his teeth and eyes are terrifying!). Oh, and to the right is a photo of a covered bridge we went through a few times in Jackson, New Hampshire during our recent travels. I straight away thought of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow when I saw it and hubbie said “What about Beetlejuice?” Clever hubbie!!!!

So with no further ado I present my Halloween cake – where little kids (or monsters if you believe in monsters like I do!) are trick-or-treating at the eerie end of town. (And sorry for my friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter who had a “sneak peek” over a week ago! The wait for this blog must have been torturous for you! :P)Michelle's Labyrinth

The left half of the cake was a chocolate cake and the right side a vanilla cake. The most right-hand little purple guy is supposed to be a wizard. I wanted to put some stars on his purple cape/hat, but ran out of time. The spiders went down well with the kids at the party. The legs disappeared during the afternoon, and then after everyone had left my niece went up to what was left of the cake, grabbed a spider and bit his head off!

Michelle's Labyrinth       Michelle's Labyrinth

My favourite trick-or-treater is the Frankenstein (without his hair hubbie said he looked like Yoda!).

Michelle's Labyrinth       Michelle's Labyrinth

I am also very happy how the ghosts turned out, and the mummy! Then of course there is the witch, werewolf and Dracula. Hubbie kept saying the werewolf, before I put the ears on, was Chewbacca.

Michelle's Labyrinth    Michelle's Labyrinth

I love the way the tree turned out – very Tim Burtonesque. I really hope I did Tim Burton justice. Can you tell I had a great time making this? It took over 3 nights to make (hence why I could watch 5 Tim Burton movies)!

Michelle's Labyrinth

I am so glad I thought of a scarecrow. Supernatural Season 1, Episode 11 titled Scarecrow is a great scray episode. It’s about the towns people of a small rural town who scarifice couples to a pagan god (who materialises through a scarecrow) to ensure they get a good harvest that year. Fitting for Halloween don’t you think?

I just had an uncanny SMS from my youngest sister. She is watching Sleepy Hollow as this blog post is written!! I think I’ll end the post here. Hope you like my latest creation. :)



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