Pulp Fiction Cake for Honey Bunny

Last month it was my hubbie’s birthday! I have made hubbie special dinners before and I am sure special desserts, but I do not think I have made him a birthday cake before! That sounds so terrible. I have made all sorts of people cakes, but not hubbie! Of course hubbie has been the prime beater licker and has tasted any spare cupcakes, or extra cakes, if I have made them. But I thought it was time I made him a birthday cake!

It didn’t take me long to know what I wanted to put on top of the cake. Hubbie loves flying aeroplanes, AFL and cricket and I originally thought I might make him an aeroplane. However I also wanted to make hubbie a special cake, not just a pre-mix nor a vanilla cake. So I decided against an aeroplane as that would be quite involved and take some time. I thought of a picture we have of Pulp Fiction and I knew that I was going to make figurines of Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta!

Michelle's Labyrinth

(Source: http://tv-facts.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Pulp-Fiction-cartoon-Wallpaper.png)

Five years ago when we were in San Francisco we went to Pier 39, which is a heap of fun crammed into one pier (plus there are always seals and I love seals!)! We were browsing some shops and for some reason hubbie flicked through some posters and came across this one of Pulp Fiction (picture above). We both loved it! So we bought it and it travelled with us across U.S.A., U.K., Germany and Japan! It survived the trip home and we framed it and it is now prominently showing in our media room.

During hubbie’s birthday week I browsed all my recipes books for a special cake for hubbie. I had a few maybes, but nothing that just yelled out at me as special and hubbie! I also wanted to make a three layer cake (ones with cream filling) as I usually only make one layer, and have a couple of times made a two layer. So I went to Google and scrolled through dozens of ‘easy cake cream filling recipes’ and finally came across a Martha Stewart Butterscotch Pecan cake that sounded great. (http://www.marthastewart.com/356040/butterscotch-pecan-cake)

I can be a little unprepared sometimes and didn’t read this recipe fully before the day of baking. So I didn’t see the bit about letting the icing harden in the fridge for four hours! Also making the whole cake took a lot longer than I thought it would. So on the day I improvised! I decided I wouldn’t cover the whole cake with fondant and also I didn’t want to cover the outside with pecans. So I added the chopped pecans to the butterscotch sauce. Michelle's Labyrinth

I tried to hide what I was making from hubbie, but he snuck up on me at one stage when I was making Samuel L. Jackson. He asked if it was Nic Naitanui. I said no! Then he said, is it Samuel L. Jackson! YAY! I must have done something right :)

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

I think I also did something right in the baking of the cake, because it was mouth watering! Are you allowed to say that about a cake you have made? Oh well, it was! My sister and a friend had some too and seem to agree :)

Michelle's Labyrinth

I was pretty happy with the Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. I am a big lover of John Travolta! So I am glad I have made a fondant figure of him! I do wish I had more time to spend on cake decorating. I dream of doing the figurines the weekend before the cake is eaten! Spending more time on the details. Letting the parts harden before sticking them together – then maybe the legs wouldn’t start sagging! I just want to put the tricks I have learnt in the cake decorating course to practice.

Michelle's Labyrinth

Hubbie and I love Quentin Tarantino films. I don’t remember if I saw From Dusk Till Dawn, Four Rooms or Pulp Fiction first. The first two I loved right off! Although a little surprised at some of the bloodier scenes! But the first time I saw Pulp Fiction I didn’t like it. I didn’t get it. I probably got a little lost throughout it. But I did give it another go, this time just taking it for what it is, and I loved it. I even bought the soundtrack!

Since then I have seen Pulp Fiction at least once a year. Hubbie and I often banter with Pulp Fiction quotes. **Warning expletives coming**

Whenever we’re going to McDonald’s it is: A “Royale with cheese”. Which I love because we do call it a Quarter Pounder and we use the metric system! Us Aussies are well equipped to convert!

Vincent: No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn’t know what the f*** a Quarter Pounder is.

Hubbie is a lover of pork! I don’t mind pork, but only in small doses. Around Christmas time I get really sick of it, but apple sauce tastes goooood!

Vincent: Want some bacon?
Jules: No man, I don’t eat pork.
Vincent: Are you Jewish?
Jules: Nah, I ain’t Jewish, I just don’t dig on swine, that’s all.
Vincent: Why not?
Jules: Pigs are filthy animals. I don’t eat filthy animals.
Vincent: Bacon tastes gooood. Pork chops taste gooood.
Jules: Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy mother****r. Pigs sleep and root in sh*t. That’s a filthy animal. I ain’t eat nothin’ that ain’t got sense enough to disregard its own feces.

And my favourite of all! And yes, I do say to my hubbie “I love you, Honey Bunny!”

Honey Bunny: [about to rob a diner] I love you, Pumpkin.
Pumpkin: I love you, Honey Bunny.
Pumpkin: [Standing up with a gun] All right, everybody be cool, this is a robbery!
Honey Bunny: Any of you f*****g pricks move, and I’ll execute every mother*****g last one of ya!

On the weekend we watched Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Django Unchained, and loved it! And yes the bloodier scenes still get me! So he still has it!

And lastly on cakes – I have a few cakes to make the end of July and I am determined to be better prepared and even make the figurines the week before. Fingers crossed!

And finally, I wanted to end my blog with a picture of John Travolta! Love him! :)

Michelle's Labyrinth

(Source: http://screenmusings.org/PulpFiction/images/Pulp-Fiction-036.jpg)



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