Mr Fox

What’s the time, Mr Wolf? Do you remember playing that game when you were young? I sometimes find myself asking myself the question still. Mainly because I just seem to lose time. And yes I know I’ve mentioned before that I struggle with time, as I am sure we all do.

When I wrote the My Ponies post I couldn’t believe the previous post I wrote was on the 16th August! Almost three months ago! Do you ever just sit and think to work out what you have been doing; what you have accomplished? Sometimes I need to just so I know I am not losing time or losing my mind! We are so busy in our lives that accomplishing daily tasks like folding the washing seem impossible. We wonder why we haven’t been able to do these tasks and what we have actually done. So I thought about the last 3-4 months and realised a fair bit has happened. I finished my Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking; made some cakes; completed our personal tax returns (which are a little complicated because that is how hubbie seems to like things!); had a compressed ulnar nerve in my left wrist and lost sensation in a couple of fingers and couldn’t use my wrist properly for about 6 weeks (and it is still not 100%!); made some more cakes; had a party of 5 visit from the UK for a few weeks (not all the time at our house); worked part-time-ish (as much as running your own business lets you work part-time!); visited Barcelona and the south of France (I still need to find time to look through my photos); finished off the accounts for work which was a huge relief and thus I’m feeling like I can write my blog without feeling guilty!

I did some Googling aboutMichelle's LabyrinthWhat’s the time, Mr Wolf?‘ and found out it is also known as ‘What’s the time, Mr Fox?‘ in the US which gives me the perfect segue to a cake I made my sister in August. A fox cake!

When I was making Olaf and Adventure Time cakes for my niece and nephew I had a spare round fruit cake. I was going to keep it for myself, but knowing how busy August was going to be and that I might not get a chance to see my sister for her birthday, I thought I would make her a cake and give it to her at our nephew’s party.

My sister loves foxes and our other sister gave us a fox ring each a couple of Christmas’ ago. I love that ring and used it as inspiration for my fox cake.

I needed the cake to be as simple as possible because my niece and nephew’s cakes were priority (sorry Sister!!!). I was super happy that I was able to shape a round cake into a fox face quite simply. I was also very proud of myself because I covered the cake with white fondant in one go with minimal flaws. I think this was one of my best fondant coverings.

Michelle's LabyrinthMichelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's LabyrinthI then played with my airbrush and mixed some metallic red with some gold to get a bronze colour. I really wish the photos showed the metallic bronze colour better. I think I am going to have to invest in some lighting for my photos at some stage.

I then coloured the cheeks and ears in gold. Again the gold doesn’t show up as nicely in the photos. My challenge was then to place the cheeks and ears on the bronzed face. You might be able to see some finger marks because I wasn’t patient enough to let it dry properly… but I was quite happy with the final product and my sister seemed to like it! Actually I think she said an ear was eaten on the way home (she lives 2 hours away)! heheMichelle's LabyrinthWhile making the cake I kept referring to the fox photo below. I know not everyone likes foxes, they are known for breaking into chook pens and eating our birds and leaving destruction in their path. But this photo shows how beautifully handsome foxes can be. I just love their colouring. I hope my little sister likes this photo too :)Fox

I am pretty sure one of my Mum’s favourite animals is the fennec fox – so I thought I would include a picture of one of them for her. They are pretty cute! Love the big ears. (Note: the two fox photos were sourced from – there are some beautiful photos/wallpapers on that site).

I hope you enjoyed my fox cake and reminisced about playing What’s the time, Mr Fox?

Dinner time!!!






Adventure Time and Olaf

Each cake is like a new adventure for me. I usually have weeks or even months advance warning about the cake and my subconscious is often thinking up ideas. Then when I have the picture in my head it is a big adventure getting that out in real life. The day or two before the cake is finished is the fight scene of the adventure, where I battle cake mixture, work, fondant, dermatitis, food colouring and tick tock…. time! I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! The climax is seeing the kids faces when they first see the cake.

A couple of months ago my niece Aimee rangMichelle's Labyrinth to tell me about some exciting news (she’ll hit me but I can’t remember exactly what the news was – she has done so much already this year!). Then Aimee began to tell me about her birthday cake and how it was going to be Olaf (from Frozen) and how he is going to be holding a microphone with 1D (One Direction) on it! And that the cake is going to be rainbow coloured. Then I ask her in a serious voice “So who is making this Olaf Cake?” and she says in an extremely loud excited voice “YOU ARE!”. I just laughed, how can you argue with that! The story doesn’t stop there, a month later she was over visiting and she tells me how she saw these snowflake cutters and that I need to buy them for her cake because they are awesome! I must admit that since last Christmas I really wanted some snowflake cutters… so I was secretly pleased to have an excuse to buy them! Oh, and I was also very happy to finally be able to watch Frozen! I just hadn’t had the chance yet, but I had to find out what Olaf was all about :)

My sister let me know that Aimee’s birthday party was going to be held on Friday night and that Sean’s birthday party was going to be on the Sunday (I was happy with some time in between so it was less stressful!). I asked my sister what cake Sean would like Michelle's Labyrinthand she said Adventure Time. I’m like what? So I Google Adventure Time and see this funny yellow dog and a boy/monster guy… My sister convinced me to watch a couple of episodes and said it was pretty good. So I taped (Do you still say taped! I guess the younger generations wouldn’t know what “taped” is! So I recorded…) some episodes on Foxtel in preparation.

The next time I saw Sean I asked him if there was any specific characters he wanted on his cake – especially after the specifics his sister gave me. He just shrugged and said “just Adventure Time“. However that day he was wearing a Jake beanie so that did give me some insight into who he liked! The last time I saw Sean before his birthday I asked him what flavour cake he wanted and he said fruit cake! I was so impressed! I know he has had my fruit cake when I have made my younger sister birthday cakes and also at Christmas last year, so he must have liked it! I also know that not too many people like fruit cake, so I was definitely not going to discourage him, but I suggested that I made a special layer just for him and a chocolate layer for his friends and he seemed happy with that!Michelle's Labyrinth

I had the picture of the cakes in my mind and I was ready to make them and it wasn’t until I had baked some of the cakes did I start questioning the challenge I had set myself for the Olaf cake! I had Googled as per usual and found this great video on how to make a standing Olaf cake by Ann Reardon. She made the Olaf cake look so easy and the two things I was going to change was: I was going to use fondant instead of meringue; and that he was going to hold a microphone! She’ll be right – right? So I was all prepared the Thursday night and just needed to put the cake together on Friday, but I decided to dream that the cake wasn’t ready by Aimee’s birthday party, how I had totally let her down and how I shouldn’t have thought I was capable of doing a standing Olaf cake!

During the day Olaf started takingMichelle's Labyrinth shape and I was happy with how he was looking. The 1D microphone looked great. The snowflakes (that were airbrushed with pearl and baby blue metallic paint) were looking good and I had even covered the cake board! But as I put on his head he looked a bit wonky and I just wasn’t convinced his head would stay on! I even had a massive blonde moment and had forgotten to put his mouth on! So I had to cut away at fondant and cake to make room for his mouth! I was happy with the way he was looking, but I was no way near confident that his head would stay on! So his head came off and that was the way I was going to transport him!

Transporting Olaf in two parts wasMichelle's Labyrinth the best decision I have made! He still looked good when I arrived and everyone oooh and ahhhed over him. Plus his head does come off in the movie, so it wasn’t the worst way he could look. I decided to leave his head off and maybe this was the best decision I have made, because I didn’t factor in the surroundings – the party was held at an indoor pool and it was extremely humid inside! When fondant is cold it tends to stiffen. When it’s warm it gets soft and droopy. When it’s humid, sticky. So guess what warm and humid means – soft, droopy and sticky! When it came to put Olaf’s head on for singing Happy Birthday and cutting the cake, his head almost started sagging straight away. I also got black all over my hands from touching his mouth – that should not happen! But I got his head on and the candles lit!

We sang Happy Birthday and thenMichelle's Labyrinth around twenty 11 year olds started to scream “Don’t kill Olaf!” (I left their screams in the photo for you!). But my niece has an evil streak (must be from my sister!! LOL!) and cut him… or should I say butchered! Poor Olaf now looked like a “cake wreck”… but amidst the shrieks about poor Olaf came squeals of “he’s rainbow inside!”… The cake was a success! I could breathe! But I was still shocked to see Aimee eat the 1D microphone and then the nose! That girl loves fondant! And she then told me he was the “bestest cake ever!” and one of the other girls pointed to the ribbon around the cake board and said “I really like that ribbon” – how sweet!Michelle's Labyrinth - Frozen Olaf  Cake 2

My other sister had mentioned she had watched some Adventure Time too and that there was a rainbow unicorn in it. Knowing that I love unicorns and rainbows she thought that would be cool for me to make – or maybe she wanted it on the cake! hehe The characters I had chosen to make were Finn (the only confirmed human in the Land of Ooo), Jake (the dog) and the Ice King. My cake is loosely based on a cake I found on Pinterest (I’m on Pinterest now if you would like to follow me! Click here!), so the mountains were based on the other cake, but when I was watching Adventure Time I saw purple trees with blue trunks and just knew I had to have them on the cake too!

Michelle's Labyrinth

The Adventure Time cake was going very well and then I saw this episode about Lady Rainicorn and found out that she is actually Jake’s girlfriend and not only that, but she speaks Korean! The episode was so cute, Jake has lots of fun spending time with Lady Rainicorn and separately has lots of adventures with Finn, but he really wants to have fun with both of them. So he triesMichelle's Labyrinth to spend time with both of them but Finn doesn’t understand Korean so they set out to find a translator that Jake threw into a deep lake (he forgot why he threw it in!). So they have an adventure together and Lady Rainicorn was pretty cool for a girl according to Finn and they find the translator. They fit the translator to her – but there were only 3 options on the translator – Nerdy Alien, Nightmare and Old Man. “Old Man” is the only option that actually sounds like English, but it sounds very odd having this beautiful rainicorn (Rainicorns are a species of rainbow/unicorn creatures that live in peace in the Land of Ooo!) sounding like an “Old Man”, and Finn insists on calling her “Old Man” and then Jake remembers why he threw the translator away! After seeing this cool episode I had to make Lady Rainicorn!

Michelle's Labyrinth

I was pretty happy with the way theJake Butt cake turned out – all the colours look great (I’m a bright coloured girl, not a pastel girl!)! My sister had done an amazing job decorating their house and the cake looked awesome amongst all the bright colours! The cake was a huge hit and Sean kept his Finn, Ice King and Lady Rainicorn (I do wonder if they have been nibbled on by now though!). I also took a photo of a classic game of pin the tail on the donkey altered for the Adventure Time theme for you! hehe

Not only did Sean say “awesome” when he saw the cake and when I left he thanked me again for the cake (without any prompting! Even hubbie was impressed!), but my sister told me that one of Sean’s friends came up to her saying “that is the best Jake cake ever!” – that just makes it all so worth while! Yeah the cakes aren’t perfect and I know where all the imperfections are, but I enjoy the adventure of making the cakes and then the climax is all the kids wanting this or that piece of the cake! And yes I saw Aimee eat half a purple tree – where does that fondant go! Michelle's Labyrinth

I am a very lucky sister to be able to make my niece and nephew’s cakes each year. Not only do I like the new adventure each time and the kids seem to love them, but I always get a special “lolly bag” after the parties! Its fun having naughty lollies every now and then (I do love bananas!) and this year I got a special wristband from the Love Your Sister (breast cancer organisation) – So sweet! I love my sisters!!

I cannot believe another year of niece and nephew cakes is over… and what will the cakes be next year? Will Aimee’s first suggestion of Twilight stand (she mentioned it a month before this birthday!!) or will a new interest come up? Only time will tell! See you next time after my next adventure!! Michelle's Labyrinth




Monster High and Spider-Man

I am so lucky to have friends and family that encourage my cake decorating! By being asked if I can make their kid’s (or other family member’s) cakes, it gives me the chance to practice, learn new things and do something I really like doing – although my heels and calves sometimes disagree!

This is the second year my friend asked me to make cakes for her 2 children with birthdays 5 days apart and this year my friend asked me if she could make them with me. I hadn’t made a cake with someone since I was about 12 and made my youngest sister’s troll cake! I am sure I let my middle sister help! :) But we had the best day today and it was amazing that we got the 2 cakes done in 6 hours!

My friend’s daughter knew straight away she wanted a Monster High cake (or Ever After High)…. I had no idea what that meant! So I did some Googling and worked out they were both doll franchises and cartoons. I looked at what cakes others had made and thought maybe it was time to explore my girlie sideMichelle's Labyrinth Monster High Abbey Bominable some more and make a doll cake! My friend liked the idea and asked me to get a blue Monster High doll. Yay! Blue is my favourite colour remember 😉

There just happened to be a sale on at Big W and I bought the doll cheap for my friend. There were two blue dolls and I chose Abbey Bominable – apparently she is the daughter of a Yeti. She has light blue skin, fangs, and white hair with blue and pink highlights. Here is a picture of the doll before we put her in a ball gown (she is in her slumber-party wear!)!

Michelle's Labyrinth Monster High Cake c

I ended up buying a Dolly Varden cake tin and I am so glad I did! I made the cake the night before my friend came and iced it with chocolate buttercream and made sure I put a hole down the centre so the dolls legs could go somewhere. I then de-robed the doll and wrapped her legs with Glad-Wrap.

It has been a long time since I played with a doll’s hair and I thought it wasn’t very user-friendly! So I decided a nice sophisticated bun would look nice! I also made sure that her blue and pink highlights could be seen from the sides.

The first task I got my friend to do whenMichelle's Labyrinth Monster High Cake d she arrived was colour some blue and pink fondant for the dress. We decided to add some pink to go with her hair and the ribbon around the board. While my friend was doing that I was preparing the second cake, that my friend made the night before, for icing.

Once the colours were ready (I had bought pre-coloured black) we then attempted to frill the fondant. I admitted to my friend that I hadn’t done “frilling” for a year and my memory of doing it (and also from watching some You-Tube videos the day before) was that frilling was a lot easier than how we found it today! But we managed some frills – just don’t look too closely.

While we were frilling I told my friend I had watched Parenthood and Beetlejuice the Michelle's Labyrinth Monster High Cake aday before. Yeah I know I have watched those 2 movies (again) in the past 2 years, but I know them well and I can imagine them as I hear them, while I am doing other things.

I thought Parenthood was a good movie to watch in honour of my friend – she has 4 kids and a bit of a mixed family. I love Parenthood and all the different types of families within the one extended family and how they all come together and just accept each other for what they are. And that living life like a roller coaster is better than a merry-go-round… I needed that reminder this week.

As soon as I hear the opening credits of Beetlejuice my spirits lift – even my puppies decided it was a good time to go a little psycho. I also reprimanded myself for not having the Beetlejuice soundtrack yet! I just love it so much… so I might download that tonight :)  I thought this was a good movie to watch because of the “monsters” in it – this is why I added some black stripes as background for the above picture (if you have seen the movie you’ll know why!).

Michelle's Labyrinth Monster High Cake bMy friend and I were so happy with how her dress turned out. But I had one more trick I wanted to try – adding some bling to her dress. I showed off my new air brush tool to my friend and we were super happy with the shimmer it gave the blue of her skirt. If you know the Monster High dolls well, you’ll know that Abbey Bominable has glittery light blue skin – she is part Yeti from the Himalayas! So the blue shiny skirt went perfectly with her skin – well that is what we thought. I hope you like our Monster High doll cake!


Michelle's Labyrinth Spider-Man Cake

It was time to start on my friend’s son’s cake. He chose Spider-Man! I had found some cake ideas and sent them through to my friend and she asked for a red cake with a Spider-Man on top. I bought the pre-coloured red fondant and was so glad I did – it was the perfect red for Spider-Man!


Michelle's Labyrinth Spider-Man cake c Michelle's Labyrinth Spider-Man Cake b

After the cake was covered in red I modelled the Spider-Man while my friend played with the cobweb, name, stars and balls. I wish I had a better pen to draw on fondant, but the cobweb on Spider-Man looks pretty good – my friend did a great job.

I really hope my friend’s kids love their birthday cakes. I had such a lovely day with my friend and I cannot believe we did these cakes in 6 hours. Four hands are definitely better than 2! But boy it was good to sit down, eat something and enjoy a cidar while recuperating. I am sort of glad my friend knows how hard cake decorating is and how fiddly it can be, and you also need a fair bit of equipment to make a cake! As she said – it sure is a labour of love :) <3

Michelle's Labyrinth Spider-Man and Monster High Cake a Michelle's Labyrinth Spider-Man and Monster High Cake b







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