Cupcake Catch-up – Part 2

I’m in a bit of a weird place at the moment. I think I may have over done it during the week and am now a bit drained. I also have a lot to do in the next few weeks and I think  that is weighing on me a little bit too.

So to brighten me up a bit I thought I would share the rest of the cupcakes I have made. I thought I would start with a different type of cupcake – a cross stitch one.

May 2013 – Cross Stitch

I have never done cross stitch before and some of the ladies at craft do so I wanted to give it a go. I saw this small cross stitch pattern of a cupcake and thought that was a goo one for me. It does look pretty, but it is not my cup of tea. I found that cross stitch takes a long time, and although pretty, I don’t think I got enough reward from my work! Also it doesn’t require much creativity to do cross stitch, so I guess it is nice to do if you are in a creativity hole! I think I will keep this for a scrapbook on my cakes – when I make it one day :)

Michelle's Labyrinth

March 2011 – Cupcakes for Craft

In February 2011 I took a few weeks off work. I didn’t have much annual leave the year before and had just finished a big project at work I was working on. I managed to get to a couple of craft sessions, in amongst catching up with people and sleeping! I also must have done some scrapbook shopping because I remember basing these cupcakes on a sheet of woodland animals.

Michelle's Labyrinth

These cupcakes were cottage carrot cake cupcakes, so I left some of the frosting as per the recipe and then made some trees, a sun and some animals. The animals are owls, foxes, rabbits and raccoons. But I’d accept pandas and cats too! There was a little girl at craft who was off school because she was sick and the pastor gave her a rabbit cupcake. He told me it put a smile on her face and said it was a cute cat!

Michelle's Labyrinth   Michelle's Labyrinth

My friend had the sun cupcake and she thought it looked like the sun on the adverts for BankWest. I don’t think I had seen advert at the time, but when I saw the advert every time since, all I could think about was my cupcakes!

Michelle's LabyrinthI think it was also the first time I had used my cupcake carrier my parents bought me. It is very handy, but I have worked out since that if you do high toppings on the cupcakes, you cannot layer them. Oh and the fox was my favourite and I made sure I ate him :)Michelle's Labyrinth

March 2011 – AFL Season Starts

After my leave I thought I better go back to work with cupcakes! Australian Football League (“AFL” or Aussie Rules) had just began and I thought it would be a good theme for cupcakes. Now I didn’t have purple food colouring and I thought blue and red made purple… boy it was hard and the Dockers cupcake did not meet a friend’s approval (I wonder if she remembers she picked on it on Facebook!!).

Michelle's Labyrinth

Sept 2012 – Cookie Monster

It was a colleagues birthday and I wanted to make him some cupcakes but struggled on what to make him. He seems to be able to put away a lot of food and the cookie monster came to mind! You should have seen all of us accountants trying to hide the blue food colouring in our mouths when we were eating them! I didn’t think that one though!! LOL!

Michelle's Labyrinth

May 2013 – Ride to Conquer Cancer

A friend of mine is doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer this October and was fundraising to raise the committed donation. To contribute I made 3 dozen cupcakes that my friend’s wife sold at their fundraising day.  Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth   Michelle's Labyrinth

I had fun making these cupcakes because I could play with piping, used up all these cupcake animals and princess toppers I had bought ages ago and could just make them colourful!

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth   Michelle's Labyrinth

I just scrolled down on my blog and found this:


I believe my naughty puppy Macbeth has been on my desk while I was in the toilet! I hope he wrote something nice and nothing naughty!

I also saw the below picture on Facebook, but cannot find the original source. I thought it was a good way to end my cupcake blog. I think that is all the cupcakes I have made so you are all up-to-date. Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)


Michelle's Labyrinth

Cupcake Catch-up – Part 1

Wow! I haven’t posted a blog for three weeks. Time has flown by. I am continually thinking about my blog and what to write next. I still have a lot to write, plus I love writing so that is a bonus. I hope you think that is a bonus! :)

I made three dozen cupcakes for my friend on the weekend so have been thinking about cupcakes! I thought I would write about all the cupcakes I have made so far. Plus I thought this post would be shorter in words and have more pictures so you can zoom through! As I know we are all busy!

So here are the cupcakes I have made so far – well Part 1 of :)

May 2009 – Mother’s Day

Just an excuse to make some cupcakes and spoil my Mum!

Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth     Michelle's Labyrinth

July 2009 – Mother-in-law’s Birthday

Some cupcakes I made my mother-in-law. They are supposed to be the colour of the Western Australian football team the Fremantle Dockers. However mixing red and blue food colouring doesn’t make purple as easy as you think!

Michelle's Labyrinth

October 2009 – Halloween

I went to my first Halloween party in 2009! And I was lucky to be invited to two Halloween parties that year! The other one was held by a Canadian who missed Halloween the previous few years. I wish Australia celebrated Halloween more. If you want to read more about my Halloween love check out this blog post:

My sister holds the best Halloween parties! She made coffins and grave headstones and put them in the front garden. She also made a scary ‘basement’ and had a table with all sorts of ‘tools’ and body parts (sausages for intestines, slimy cherry tomatoes for eyeMichelle's Labyrinth balls, and a bowl full of crushed tomatos and what looks like spices of chicken…. ) and to top all that off, she filled the spare bath and put red food colouring in it and wrote ‘Bloody Mary’ on the mirror!

So something a little less scary, here are the cupcakes I made for my sister’s party!

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

November 2009 – Kalgoorlie ReunionMichelle's Labyrinth

We had a BBQ for some friends from Kalgoorlie (or had already left Kalgoorlie as well). The orange bars are supposed to be gold bars, and the block pots with gold coming out of them are supposed to be gold pours. Plus the cupcakes spell out Kalgoorlie!

Michelle's Labyrinth

January 2010 – Highschool Reunion

I lacked some creativity after Christmas so made some colourful cupcakes for some very good old friends… and my friend’s kids!

2010 Highschool_2 2010 Highschool_1

March 2011 – Visiting Cousin’s

We visited hubbie’s cousins, who are from Brisbane, for dinner. So I made a Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns cupcakes for our cousins and West Coast Eagles for hubbie and I. I made a generic football cupcake for their son and a princess cupcake for their daughter! The kids seemed to concentrate pretty hard on the cupcakes when eating them :)

Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth    Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth  Michelle's Labyrinth

Hopefully I’ll post some more of my blog soon! :-)




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