Perth Royal Show 2012

As part of my preparation for my “shows” challenges I went to the Perth Royal Show this year. I carted myself to Claremont and after about 40-50 minutes driving around I found a parking spot costing $10. After walking another 15-20 minutes to get to the show (at this stage I am sure you are asking why I didn’t catch public transport?) I finally made it in. I then had to navigate the masses to find the stand my friend was manning. Telstra then decided to fail and my SMSes didn’t send straight away! But after another 20 minutes I found her – and guess what? She was right next to the Cooking Pavilion!

I wanted to show you some of the cakes that were on display. I felt I was out of my element looking at these cakes. But they were inspirational and have also given me some ideas. I have no idea who made these cakes. The photos were also taken with my iPhone (and through glass!).

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

I think the second scarecrow is amazing. I am not even sure how they did the wheat, unless they used real wheat. It’s supposed to be all edible. I love the first scarecrow too… this one is a bit more in my range of skill.

Michelle's Labyrinth       Michelle's Labyrinth

I was really taken with the girl scarecrow – very Tim Burton-ish. And with the Gidge Show being held on the 27th Oct I thought Halloween themed was a cool idea.

Michelle's Labyrinth  Michelle's Labyrinth

I liked the idea of the pigs. They are agricultural shows, so maybe some farm animals or tractors would be a good theme. But I don’t know if that has all been done before.

I liked the rabbit on the hat cake too. Gothic meets Alice in Wonderland.

Michelle's Labyrinth      Michelle's Labyrinth

All I can say about the Africa cake is wow!

Michelle's Labyrinth   Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth     Michelle's Labyrinth

Well you can tell by the sashes on the above four cakes what the judges thought of them!

Michelle's Labyrinth

I love love this blue wedding cake. It is absolutely stunning. Uncomplicated, perfect colours, it’s just elegant. (And we’ll ignore the upside wedding cake on the top right – wow!).

Michelle's Labyrinth

I think this pink cake is intriguing. I love the colours, the mushrooms and the eyes. I am unsure about the girl on it. Overall, so very clever.

I feel like my visit to the Perth Royal Show was a success and my friend’s kids got to do everything they wanted to do (and I was roped into going on the 3D Ghost Train!). It didn’t take me long to get home since we left as it was just getting dark (and cold!) and the driving masses had seemed to have already left. I was glad I drove in the end.

The next decision is to work out how many cakes to make and what! Ideas and suggestions are very welcome. I love getting comments on my blog, so who is going to set my next challenge? I think I will enter a cake into each class.These are the classes the shows have:


O301 Special Occasion Cake
O302 Article From Moulded Fondant


1. Decorated Cake, two or more tiers. Suitable for wedding or special occasion.
2. Decorated Cake, one tier. Fruit cake only. Suitable for a Christmas Cake.
3. Sugar Art, anything goes.

My blogging feels even more like Julie and Julia with all the challenges I have been set (by others and myself). I watched the movie again the other day while I was making the ‘craft cake’ and it really is a lovely story. I totally agree that butter is absolutely divine; whoever thought of churning cream (and don’t forget it would have been by hand) until it turned yellow was an absolute genius.

Oh and I must tell you another story from when I made the ‘craft cake’. I was home alone with Makita and she can get rather annoying. She wants in the house. She wants out the house. Each time I let her in or out I washed my hands again, so as you can imagine this got quite tiring after a while. So while I was rolling this lime green coloured ball, to get the colour even, for the palm tree and it rolled right out of my hand and onto the ground I just left it there. I was not washing my hands again! The second movie I watched while making the ‘craft cake’ was It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie. (Just to quickly digress, Whoopi Goldberg as Daniel’s ‘Boss’ (aka God) was terrific!). So I was busy cake decorating and listening to the Muppets when I stood back said “Oh no!” and seriously, as soon as ‘no’ was out of my mouth Kermit said “Oh no!”. I looked at the TV. I looked under my thong….

Sorry Kermit’s offspring. It’s not easy being green. 😛




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