No More Cruel World

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you
‘Cos I find it hard to take
When people run in circles it’s a very very
Mad world
Mad world
Mad World
Mad world

Whenever I hear the Tears for Fears song Mad World, for some reason I swap the word ‘mad’ with ‘cruel’. It is definitely a mad world that is for sure, and if you want to see one of the best 20 minutes to depict this, watch the beginning of The Gods Must Be Crazy again. However I think it is a cruel world too, well at least some people in it are cruel.

About a year ago I tried to stop caring what people think because I have realised people are cruel, or just do not care enough to ask appropriate questions before they judge. I know we are told not to worry about others, but sometimes you just do, especially if you are a caring person. Lately I have heard way too many cruel things that I have given up caring so much. Although I really wish people wouldn’t be so cruel. Why can’t people mind their Ps and Qs, be on your best behaviour and worry about their own lives?!

Some examples that have got under my skin have been:

  • A friend posts a few photos of herBaby photo kids on Facebook and someone criticized her for posting so many. I think this is totally unfounded. This friend is on the other side of the country and I do not get to see her kids, so I love seeing the photos. Why would posting photos of your children affect anyone in a bad way? It is not hard to scroll over them if you are not interested in them. I think a true friend would be happy to see photos of their friend’s kids and if you do not have the time, keep scrolling!
  • I have heard complaints about people who post pictures of food on Facebook. According to one person we do not care what other people are having for dinner and that way back when (ie when we used film in cameras) we didn’t take photos of our dinner and show them to our friends when they visited. In my opinion this is an irrelevant comparison. Film and processing cost money, and it was expensive to take photos of your children growing up and photos while you were on holidays. I wish I had taken more photos while we were in Paris, but I just couldn’t afford to. I wish I had more photos of Makita when she was a puppy, but I couldn’t afford it. Times have changed. Access to photos, especially in the digital age, is so much cheaper and easier. Also society has changed, there is more interest in cooking, which has been made even more popular with reality shows. I for one do not mind seeing what people are having for dinner every now and then. It gives me ideas! If you are not interested in seeing pictures of food, respect the other persons interests, say nothing and keep scrolling.
  • A friend was going on a holiday andMichelle's Labyrinth her so-called friend said she is lucky to have a sugar-daddy! Who says things like that? My friend has worked so hard over the years. Her husband has worked hard too. If they can afford a holiday, why should they be made to feel guilty? A true friend would be happy (even excited) for the other person and would want to hear all about the trip. If you can’t be happy for your friend don’t put your issues onto her! Man, don’t we all wish for that Powerball, or a sugar-daddy! But someone who has worked hard and that has a hardworking partner does not equate to a sugar-daddy!
  • On the topic of travel I have also given up wanting to tell people tales about my holidays. If they don’t ask I don’t bring it up. Maybe I just read some people wrong, but the majority of the time people don’t ask, or even worse they don’t ask about my holiday and then ask the question “So where are you going on your next holiday?”! I absolutely loath that question, especially if I have just got home! After holidays you are usually back at work with more work that you can handle, so you are usually trying to get back on top of things while not losing wonderful memories you just created and also not wasting any of the rest and relaxation you had. TheMichelle's Labyrinth furthermost thought from my mind is where I would love to travel to next. Maybe its just me, but when we get back from a holiday we have usually spent more than we should have so aren’t really thinking of the next holiday. But don’t let this worry you if you want to hear about my travels as I will tell you and I will write about them when I can. I really want to write things down so I don’t forget myself! My hubbie’s memory is terrible and can’t remember anything, so I must write some tales down soon.
  • I have had numerous people ask me “when” am I going to look for a job. How about asking if I am working, or if I am going to look for a job, or even start with “what have you been doing lately”. I hate “when” questions… for example “When are you going to have children?” They are very presumptuous questions. Like what if I am not ready to have a full-time job, or what if I can’t have children. Anyway, I used to get complaints that I spoke too much about work and posted on Facebook too much about work. I am sorry I used to work hard and that was all I had time for, hence that was all I could talk about. It was all I did! And now I am working part-time, I get the impression I am not working enough. Is my working or not working affecting anyone (besides maybe my husband)?… No. In my opinion a true friend would listen to hear about your successes or complaints about work, and a true friend would be interested enough in your life to ask how things are going first, before jumping into asking what could be an inappropriate question!
  • There are weekly if not dailyMichelle's Labyrinth reminders that people have invisible disabilities or illnesses, but some people don’t seem to get it. What is there to get? Some people are hurting, although they are not bleeding. It is a fact, so just get it. I have heard one friend say it is just too hard to explain her illness and get people to understand, which is so sad when they are on an array of medications and cannot do certain things and are given grief by cruel people. I have also heard that someoneMichelle's Labyrinth said so-and-so wasn’t that sick, but people put on a brave face. Or another comment was said to a friend that so-and-so did this when his back was bad and why are you not doing everything you can to get better; when there are different injuries and if your doctor told you to keep your back immobilised then I think that is what you should be doing! When my wrist was bad a couple of months ago it was some swelling pressing on the nerve so I had to keep it immobilised and ice it when I could to reduce the swelling. By looking at my wrist it looked fine, but not all injuries, disabilities and diseases are visible. Why are some people so cruel? Why can’t everyone just be nice to one another? [I am sorry but not everyone is going to get this, but when I say “Why can’t everyone just be nice to one another?” all I can think of next is “Even Oedipus had a mother!” – lyrics from the song Friends by the Doug Anthony Allstars – My terrible sense of humour!].
  • This was something I found really sad. I know a friend who didn’t invite to people to their child’s Christening because didn’t want to deal with people’s opinions on religion. I am not a religious person but I respect people have different beliefs and interests. I would have loved to attend and been part of a special event for my friend and her immediate family. It’s sad that opinionated people have some much control. Maybe I am being opinionated by writing this post, but I believe these opinions aren’t hurting anyone and surely I am just making you think about people’s actions, words and wouldn’t it be a better place if people just got along.

The world is cruel enough without snide comments, jealousy or people just being plain rude. There was a trigger that made me start writing this post and it is also the reason why it has taken me so long to finish it. It was proof about how cruel this world is. On 21 September 2013 unidentified gunmen attacked the upmarket Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya…

The Westgate Nairobi attack really freaked me out because I have been in that mall. I actually thought that was the safest mall I had been in because as we drove into the mall we had to go through security gates and they checked the car, the boot and even put mirrors under the car for guns and explosives etc. I know this isn’t the first terrorist attack and that September 11 attacks and the Bali bombing were horrific, and the Bali bombings affected many Western Australians. But I had never been personally affected before.

Michelle's Labyrinth Then I heard the worst thing of all. I had met, talked to, attended a wedding with one of the victims. A beautiful woman named Ruhila Adatia-Sood. She was beautiful (she had this biggest smile), vibrant, passionate and just lovely! I was distraught. Then I read she was 6 months pregnant with their first-born. Could this be any worse? I am not going to write anymore as I believe I have made my point. If you want to read more go to

I just cannot fathom why there are such bad people in this world. And I definitely do not understand why seemingly normal people can be so cruel, especially when there is such horror in this world as it is.

I am not sure how I came across these lyrics from Matilda: The Musical but I thought them extremely fitting. 

Naughty Lyrics
Just because you find that life’s not fair, it
Doesn’t mean that you just have to grin and bear it.
If you always take it on the chin and wear it,
Nothing will change.
Even if you’re little you can do a lot, you
Mustn’t let a little thing like ‘little’ stop you.
If you sit around and let them get on top, you
Might as well be saying you think that it’s OK,
And that’s not right

I am sorry about my rant! But I doMichelle's Labyrinth not think it is right that some people are not nice. I do not think being a ‘Troll’ every now and then is fun. We need to not waste time with negativity – I really need to keep remembering this. As I have said I have had this in draft for a long time and I kept thinking about it every time I hear the song Mad World – so Yay, I have finally finished this post and got it off my chest! And I’ll just end with the old saying that I always live by “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. How wise was Thumper from Bambi!?!


I hope you liked the irony of a couple of the memes! Sources of Memes:

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Mr Fox

What’s the time, Mr Wolf? Do you remember playing that game when you were young? I sometimes find myself asking myself the question still. Mainly because I just seem to lose time. And yes I know I’ve mentioned before that I struggle with time, as I am sure we all do.

When I wrote the My Ponies post I couldn’t believe the previous post I wrote was on the 16th August! Almost three months ago! Do you ever just sit and think to work out what you have been doing; what you have accomplished? Sometimes I need to just so I know I am not losing time or losing my mind! We are so busy in our lives that accomplishing daily tasks like folding the washing seem impossible. We wonder why we haven’t been able to do these tasks and what we have actually done. So I thought about the last 3-4 months and realised a fair bit has happened. I finished my Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking; made some cakes; completed our personal tax returns (which are a little complicated because that is how hubbie seems to like things!); had a compressed ulnar nerve in my left wrist and lost sensation in a couple of fingers and couldn’t use my wrist properly for about 6 weeks (and it is still not 100%!); made some more cakes; had a party of 5 visit from the UK for a few weeks (not all the time at our house); worked part-time-ish (as much as running your own business lets you work part-time!); visited Barcelona and the south of France (I still need to find time to look through my photos); finished off the accounts for work which was a huge relief and thus I’m feeling like I can write my blog without feeling guilty!

I did some Googling aboutMichelle's LabyrinthWhat’s the time, Mr Wolf?‘ and found out it is also known as ‘What’s the time, Mr Fox?‘ in the US which gives me the perfect segue to a cake I made my sister in August. A fox cake!

When I was making Olaf and Adventure Time cakes for my niece and nephew I had a spare round fruit cake. I was going to keep it for myself, but knowing how busy August was going to be and that I might not get a chance to see my sister for her birthday, I thought I would make her a cake and give it to her at our nephew’s party.

My sister loves foxes and our other sister gave us a fox ring each a couple of Christmas’ ago. I love that ring and used it as inspiration for my fox cake.

I needed the cake to be as simple as possible because my niece and nephew’s cakes were priority (sorry Sister!!!). I was super happy that I was able to shape a round cake into a fox face quite simply. I was also very proud of myself because I covered the cake with white fondant in one go with minimal flaws. I think this was one of my best fondant coverings.

Michelle's LabyrinthMichelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's LabyrinthI then played with my airbrush and mixed some metallic red with some gold to get a bronze colour. I really wish the photos showed the metallic bronze colour better. I think I am going to have to invest in some lighting for my photos at some stage.

I then coloured the cheeks and ears in gold. Again the gold doesn’t show up as nicely in the photos. My challenge was then to place the cheeks and ears on the bronzed face. You might be able to see some finger marks because I wasn’t patient enough to let it dry properly… but I was quite happy with the final product and my sister seemed to like it! Actually I think she said an ear was eaten on the way home (she lives 2 hours away)! heheMichelle's LabyrinthWhile making the cake I kept referring to the fox photo below. I know not everyone likes foxes, they are known for breaking into chook pens and eating our birds and leaving destruction in their path. But this photo shows how beautifully handsome foxes can be. I just love their colouring. I hope my little sister likes this photo too :)Fox

I am pretty sure one of my Mum’s favourite animals is the fennec fox – so I thought I would include a picture of one of them for her. They are pretty cute! Love the big ears. (Note: the two fox photos were sourced from – there are some beautiful photos/wallpapers on that site).

I hope you enjoyed my fox cake and reminisced about playing What’s the time, Mr Fox?

Dinner time!!!






My Ponies

It’s been a little while since I wrote a blog post so I thought I would write about something bright and cheery – ponies! Not just any ponies, but My Little Ponies!Michelle's Labyrinth

In October 2012 my brother-in-law and niece visited us from the UK. They were leaving a few weeks before my niece’s birthday so we decided she needed an Australian birthday party. I was racking my brain about what to make a 4-year-old girl. I didn’t want to ask her Mum or Dad because I wanted it to be a surprise. I figured that when she arrived I would ask some probing questions and find out what she likes.

Hubbie and I went to the airport toMichelle's Labyrinth meet them and I was ecstatic about what I saw – she was holding a My Little Pony! My sisters and I loved My Little Pony growing up. I remember when we were first introduced to them – we received a copied VHS with My Little Pony and Escape from Catrina (the two original standalone episodes of My Little Pony) and the movie The Last Unicorn. I can tell you that VHS was played over and over and over again.

My sisters and I owned a few My Little Ponies growing up and we had our favourites – mine was Bowtie and I am sure it has nothing to do with that she is blue! My middle sister’s favourite was Applejack and my youngest sister loved Moondancer – who was the first unicorn and multi-coloured mane in our collection. (My sisters and I were very fortunate growing up and had our own real little ponies. Here is a photo of me on my Welsh pony called Crystal.)Michelle's Labyrinth

So the decision was made – I wasMichelle's Labyrinth going to make a My Little Pony cake! My niece had a pink pony with strawberries on it and unfortunately I don’t know what it was called. To join her pony I made one for each of my sisters and also one for me! I also made a princess and a rainbow because I know kids LOVE eating fondant rainbows. My niece (almost 4 at the time) also helped with making of the cake and even used the electric beaters and once reminded me to set my scales to zero before weighing something. I think she is going to be a very smart cookie!

Not long after I made the cake I visitedMichelle's Labyrinth a friend who had recently had a baby girl. My friend grew up with ponies and has horses of her own. As soon as I mentioned My Little Pony she said her favourite was Applejack! Then she went on to tell me her Mum threw hers away. I told her how I was now in possession of my Bowtie, but I almost lost her. My youngest sister gave her to my other niece (middle sister’s daughter)! My niece one day was showing me her My Little Ponies and I saw Bowtie and promptly said “She is mine!” This didn’t go down too well and I was told Aunty [LittleMichelle's Labyrinth Sister] gave her to my niece. I happened to turn over Bowtie and the year 1983 was stamped on her hoof. My little sister was born in 1983 so I told my niece that Aunty couldn’t have owned this pony because it was made the year she was born, but I decided I would let my niece have Bowtie for the time being. I am a terrible Aunty and a couple of years later, on my nieces birthday, I asked for Bowtie back! I figured she had outgrown them and had lots of new pressies and the plan worked and she happily gave me Bowtie back :)

Michelle's LabyrinthSo back to my friend, two years later I remember the story and thought I would make her a fondant Applejack. I am fairly happy with how she turned out, she is no way near perfect, but I was able to put a fair bit of detail on her using tweeny went pieces of fondant. I also took the opportunity and played with some piping and tried out making two-toned piped roses.

Michelle's LabyrinthMichelle's Labyrinth

My friend’s little girl, who is now two,Michelle's Labyrinth really liked Applejack and gave her a kiss and said “Horsey. Love it!”. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Since this blog post is about ponies I thought I would share a photo of my friend’s foal who was only a week old when I took the cake around. He is such a beauty.

I’ll try to write more blog posts and more often. And I just wanted to say a special hello and thank you to the couple of people who said they missed my posts. You are so very sweet.








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