Wanneroo Show – Part 1: A Very Merry Christmas

It’s been a month since I entered some cakes and photos into the Wanneroo Show so I better update you on what I made. I’ll say right from the top that I didn’t win in any of the categories I entered and I agree with the judges on all but one photography category. I got in trouble from a friend after my Gidgegannup posts that I made you wait until the second post before telling you if I won anything, hence why I told you the result now!¬† LOL! ūüėÄ

This post is about the cake category – “Decorated Cake, one tier. Fruit cake only. Suitable for a Christmas Cake.” The following cake is the one that won and I totally agree it was amazing. The detail on the Santa and reindeer is terrific. I love the border and skirt of the cake.

Michelle's Labyrinth

The following cake came second. It is a good cake but I think it is quite plain.

Michelle's Labyrinth

The next two cakes were pretty cool and a lot more detail than what I did.

Michelle's Labyrinth  Michelle's Labyrinth

The following elf cake is amazing. I think it should have won a place. You can see how big it was compared to the beach Santa cake. I love it!

Michelle's Labyrinth

The next cake is mine. You will probably recognise that it is very similar to the Christmas in July cake I made, but this one is all fruit cake. I also covered the board with fondant and put a ribbon around the edge of the cake board. I wanted to put a scarf around the snowman but ran out of time.

Michelle's Labyrinth

The judges for the cake decorating categories¬†give you comments. The comments I received for this cake were: “Thank you for entering. Cake covering needs practice. Piping around base of cake will seal it to the board and finish it off. Also it is another technique to learn. Love your penguins. See you next time.”

Michelle's Labyrinth

I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but when I made the Craft with Friends cake, one of the ladies at craft asked if I would make their Christmas cake for the last day of the year. I said of course, I was honoured. So when I decided to make a fruit cake for the Wanneroo Show I thought I would then take the cake to craft. All the ladies seemed to really enjoy it. The cake was still very moist. All my figurines were snaffled up and many of the ladies took a piece home for their husbands. I was so glad it was all eaten and enjoyed. (I love the outline of where Santa was sitting Рsee below right photo!)

Michelle's Labyrinth   Michelle's Labyrinth

The other day¬†my friend and her two kids came over to visit so I made some Christmas cupcakes! Any excuse right?¬†I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a lovely New Year. I’ll try and keep the posts coming and hopefully more often!

Michelle's Labyrinth



Boob Cake

A month or so ago I was asked if I would make my friend’s brother’s 40th birthday cake. I said sure, as I have said before I am looking for any excuse to make a cake. The request was for a boob cake and it was his wife making the request! I thought that it would be a good challenge; something a little different from my usual cutesy type of cakes. I spoke to the wife to see whether she wanted comical boobs, or realistic… realistic it was and the cake needed to feed approximately 50 people!

So then I was trying to work out in my head how to make a boob cake. I googled some pictures as usual and also read through ‚ÄúThe Claytons Blog‚ÄĚ on ‚ÄúHow to make a boob cake!‚ÄĚ (see the example I followed to the below right). http://vipantrywedonthaveablogblog.blogspot.com.au/2008/08/how-to-make-boob-cake.html I don’t have a Wilton Soccer Ball Michelle's Labyrinthtin, so my next problem was what tin to use. My friend‚Äôs Mum suggested plum pudding shaped tins, but I wasn’t sure they would be big enough, especially since I had to feed 50 people. I have a deep round tin approximately 15cm diameter, so I thought that would do and I would just cut it to shape. But I went out for coffee the other day with a friend and the kitchenware place Matchbox had a stall in the middle of the shops, so while the coffee was being made I browsed the island and found a big plum pudding steamer that would be perfect! Plus now I have a reason to make a plum pudding!

A couple of days before making the cake my hubbie and I went to Ikea to buy some shelving. As part of my decluttering I decided I needed new shelves to house my Star Wars Lego and also some new shelves for the spare room to house my accounting books and the last seven years‚Äô worth of tax information for our various ventures. While walking through Ikea to the self-service furniture section¬†hubbie said ‚Äúcool a Lazy Susan‚ÄĚ, to which I said “I actually need one”. I have been watching a couple of YouTube videos on cake decorating and a lot of the time they have a cake turntable. I saw one Michelle's Labyrinthonce at Cake Tinz and Thingz and thought it was too expensive, but my $15 Lazy Susan is perfect! It turned out to be the best Ikea trip as I got the exact two shelves (including colour) I wanted and a bonus Lazy Susan! Thanks hubbie for taking me.

To ensure I fed the 50 bogans (that is what they were asked to come as ‚Äď a lot of flannel I bet!) I thought I better add a bit of a body to my boob cake. So I used my big square tin for the body and had to cook one boob at a time. I also wanted to use one and a half packet mixes for the boobs to ensure they were big enough (most men‚Äôs dream right?), so measuring half a mixed (including milk, oil & egg) packet was interesting. It worked out well thankfully :)

A DVD (Flawless Fondant by CK Products) I watched said to ice the cake with buttercream and put it in the fridge so it would harden. Basically whatever is under the fondant is what gives the fondant it’s shape. I am still yet to use their recipe of butter icing, well the last few cakes have been fruit cake (for which I use apricot jam) and chocolate cake (for which I use a chocolate icing). My chocolate icing didn’t harden very well, but I was still able to smooth a few bumps out.

Michelle's Labyrinth  Michelle's Labyrinth

I am yet to master covering a large cake with fondant icing, mine always tears‚Ķ so I need more practice! I also want to try making my own fondant icing to see if I can get a more pliable consistency. There were a couple of flaws in this cake’s ivory skin coloured fondant icing, but I tried to hide most of them with undies and writing!

Michelle's Labyrinth

To make the bra a little special I used a heart and flower stamp from my card making/scrap-booking supplies. I also painted the trim of the bra with red metallic colouring… a little sparkle. I thought it looked pretty :)

Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

My friend sent me a link to her brother’s comment about the cake on Facebook and it seems as though he liked it too. That makes me very happy :)

Michelle's Labyrinth

Plundering Pirates – Part 3: Gymkhana

Wow it has been two weeks since I last posted¬†on my blog. Thank you for a couple of amazing friends who have been asking for new blog posts! I love that my blog is being read and missed¬†when I am “slack” :)

On Thursday the 15th November we had Granddad’s funeral. It was a harrowing day. My Dad did a wonderful, beautiful job on the eulogy and one of my Aunties wrote a lovely poem that my Uncle read out. It is sad that it seems you only see extended family members at weddings and funerals, and always large periods of time in between. It was lovely seeing all my cousins and their children, but I was in no state to socialise.

Even though we were celebrating the Michelle's Labyrinthlife of my Granddad, I knew at home that my baby Makita wasn’t going to last very long. My 13 year¬†5 month old Rottweiler was shrinking (hidden by bloating) and shaking all the time because of the pain she was in. Makita passed away on Friday 16th November, and this is the main reason why I haven’t posted to my blog. I have started writing a post about Makita because she was a huge part of my life and I loved her very much, but you will have to wait for me to gather (and scan) the photos I want to share before I publish that one.

During the past couple of weeks I have spent some time with family and also busied myself in making cakes for the Wanneroo Show – which I will write about in more detail in another post. I also may have done some investigation into a new family member – of the furry kind. So watch this space on news about that! Now as promised in my last post, this one was to be about cakes! But in this case, it is about why I made a pirate cake for the Gidgegannup Show :)

I am curious how many of you knew what gymkhana means when you saw the title of my blog post? According to http://dictionary.reference.com/ (one of my favourite websites as I know lots of words, just not how to spell them!) a gymkhana is a field day held for equestrians, consisting of exhibitions of horsemanship and much pageantry.

My Mum’s next door neighbour has ponies and Shetlands and is a Carriage (Harness) Driving enthusiast, who also competes. For the past few years she has held a “Fun Day”, a gymkhana,¬†on her property around the end of October. This is the 3rd year, and my parents and myself have volunteered each year. I am now the official score keeper.

Michelle's Labyrinth

Each year there is a new theme and Michelle's Labyrintheveryone dresses up to that theme (humans and ponies!) and this year’s theme was ‘Pirates’!¬†This is¬†why I made the pirates cake, since the gymkhana was held a week after the Gidgegannup Show. I also¬†made a fruit cake so it would last and of course ensured there were ponies on the cake.


Michelle's Labyrinth    Michelle's Labyrinth

On the day they hold various events such as barrel racing, a precision course (where the pony has two minutes do a number of actions to earn points, such as a timed halt), a race (2 ponies race, but they also have to drop balls in buckets at certain points) and a timed obstacle course through cones with tennis balls on them (you get penalised if the tennis balls fall off the cone). So it isn’t necessarily the fastest or biggest pony/horse that wins. It is the most precise, well behaved pony. You’d laugh at how afraid they are to go over some carpet!

Michelle's Labyrinth   Michelle's Labyrinth

This year it was a stormy weekend. I thought it may be called off for safety reasons (yes the mining industry drilled that into me!), but everyone loves the day so much that most of them turned up. So Mum, Dad and I ended up getting soaked and hailed on! At one point we were timing a race, keeping our backs Michelle's Labyrinthto the west because the rain was coming in so hard and we noticed all the other competitors under the verandah with cups of coffee! Cheeky bleeps :) I had my Lumix camera (as opposed to Canon SLR) so I risked capturing the weather coming in, and also a few of us stuck under a tree during a heavy shower!

Michelle's Labyrinth

But we got through the day and still had fun (including a pony that was being trained to wear a harness – see picture below!). We¬†didn’t do¬†one event and did them all before lunch (we usually do the obstacle course after lunch) because we knew no one would want to go back out into the wet once they were semi dried.

Michelle's Labyrinth

Everyone was super impressed with my pirate cake. Mum told most people that it came third at the Gidgegannup Show. I cut a good chunk off the cake for Dad to take home and most of the jetty part of the cake was demolished! So I was pretty happy with that.

Mum told me a story a few days after the gymkhana. Her next door neighbour’s husband threw a wobbly about the cake. She was going to take the ship part of the cake to a club meeting the next day and he said he didn’t want her to take the whole ship. He wanted some. He mentioned how my Dad got to keep some, so he wanted a portion! So she had to leave half the ship for her husband to eat! I will take that as a big compliment that¬†my fruit cake was yummy! :)

Oh, before I forget… Captain Jack Sparrow made an appearance at the gymkhana! He was put to work, although I am unsure if he was used to it!

Michelle's Labyrinth              Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth





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