One Direction, Puppy and Green Lantern All In One Weekend

My niece and nephew are born 5 days apart, so it usually means one busy cake making weekend! They sometimes have a party the same day, or have separate parties. This year they had separate parties at home and each was themed.

My niece’s theme was One Direction. Now when my sister told me this I did panic for a while. How the hec was I going to made a cool One Direction cake? If you had sat next to my niece at the movies while the 1D3D (One Direction 3D) movie preview was on and saw her jump around excitedly, you would know that the party theme was inevitable. But that still didn’t solve my cake problem… except a couple of days later I was told that my niece really wanted a puppy cake! Yay!

My nephew chose The Green Lantern as his theme. I have watched the movie and liked it and having Ryan Reynolds in it doesn’t hurt at all. So I thought this was an excellent choice! :)

I saw the kids the weekend before and asked them what flavoured cakes they would like, with the idea of colouring vanilla if it was chosen. My nephew said vanilla first, then changed his mind to chocolate. Then my niece said “Chocolate, but said no I want vanilla and can it be coloured!” She is a little smart for her own boots sometimes!! Colouring wasn’t going to be a surprise now! She asked if she could have purple, red and blue! Then my nephew piped up he wanted green, black and white. I told him that I couldn’t colour chocolate, but I had a plan in mind!

So here is the colouring of the cake mix for my niece. I thought the off-cuts were really pretty! I had to share them :)Michelle's Labyrinth

I then Googled white Maltese Shih Tzu cross and used these photos are inspiration.

Michelle's Labyrinth

So here is my puppy cake :)

Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth  Michelle's Labyrinth

I used two new techniques on the puppy. I used brown edible paint for some of his patches and then also used crushed chalk to colour in some black and light brown. Just a couple of things I picked up in cake decorating class :)

Michelle's Labyrinth

I spoke to my niece on her birthday and we chatted for a while. After she had told me about all her pressies, her day and caught up on a few other things I told her I better go and clean the kitchen because I have to make something. She obviously knew I was speaking about her cake and said “Yes you better go and get busy”, or something along those lines. She cracks me up!

Michelle's Labyrinth

My niece kept the puppy, bone and ball. She wanted to keep the bowl but I told her it was cake. So of course every girl then wanted a piece of bowl :)

Here is my beautiful niece Aimee who is now double digits!!!! How can that be so? :)Michelle's Labyrinth











I made a two tier cake for my nephew and made the top-tier vanilla and coloured it black, white and green! Michelle's Labyrinth

Here is my Green Lantern cake. I based the little guys on Lego pieces. My sister and niece knew they were Lego men, but my nephew disagreed! Humph!Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's LabyrinthMichelle's Labyrinth

Well I think they look like Lego men. I was going to give them hands, but it took me the following movies to make this cake – The Green Lantern (You’ll never believe my luck. I have the movie but on Blu-Ray and I don’t have Blu-Ray player in the living area that is next to the kitchen. I was scanning Foxtel (pay TV) just after 6pm it said that The Green Lantern was starting at 6:30pm – WOW! Yippee!), You’ve Got Mail (I had watched Sleepless Seattle the night before and wanted to watch another Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie. Love them!), and then Bridget Jones’s Diary and finally Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. So no hands for the Lego Green Lantern men, I was getting pretty exhausted!

Both my sisters did a lot of work and set up both parties all coloured themed. Here is the table setting for my nephew’s party.Michelle's Labyrinth

And here is my gorgeous nephew Sean. I asked him if he liked his cake and he said “I love it!”. Can’t get better payment than that :) And do you like his Green Lantern outfit? So cute!!!Michelle's Labyrinth

And just because my sisters and I naughty, we used this as inspiration for the cake and the party decorations! LOL!Michelle's Labyrinth


P.S. I apologise if there are any spelling mistakes. I just updated WordPress and now I cannot find the spellcheck button!

P.P.S. I am so sorry Sean. I just realised I didn’t call you after school today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xxx


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3 thoughts on “One Direction, Puppy and Green Lantern All In One Weekend

  1. Wow! You outdid yourself with these cakes! The puppy is sooo realistic. I love the attention to detail you have done. Shame you didn’t get to put hands on the Green Lantern cake people – how much more awesome it would have been! Aimee and Sean look so happy with their cakes. No wonder you are their favourite Aunty (he he).

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