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What’s the time, Mr Wolf? Do you remember playing that game when you were young? I sometimes find myself asking myself the question still. Mainly because I just seem to lose time. And yes I know I’ve mentioned before that I struggle with time, as I am sure we all do.

When I wrote the My Ponies post I couldn’t believe the previous post I wrote was on the 16th August! Almost three months ago! Do you ever just sit and think to work out what you have been doing; what you have accomplished? Sometimes I need to just so I know I am not losing time or losing my mind! We are so busy in our lives that accomplishing daily tasks like folding the washing seem impossible. We wonder why we haven’t been able to do these tasks and what we have actually done. So I thought about the last 3-4 months and realised a fair bit has happened. I finished my Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking; made some cakes; completed our personal tax returns (which are a little complicated because that is how hubbie seems to like things!); had a compressed ulnar nerve in my left wrist and lost sensation in a couple of fingers and couldn’t use my wrist properly for about 6 weeks (and it is still not 100%!); made some more cakes; had a party of 5 visit from the UK for a few weeks (not all the time at our house); worked part-time-ish (as much as running your own business lets you work part-time!); visited Barcelona and the south of France (I still need to find time to look through my photos); finished off the accounts for work which was a huge relief and thus I’m feeling like I can write my blog without feeling guilty!

I did some Googling aboutMichelle's LabyrinthWhat’s the time, Mr Wolf?‘ and found out it is also known as ‘What’s the time, Mr Fox?‘ in the US which gives me the perfect segue to a cake I made my sister in August. A fox cake!

When I was making Olaf and Adventure Time cakes for my niece and nephew I had a spare round fruit cake. I was going to keep it for myself, but knowing how busy August was going to be and that I might not get a chance to see my sister for her birthday, I thought I would make her a cake and give it to her at our nephew’s party.

My sister loves foxes and our other sister gave us a fox ring each a couple of Christmas’ ago. I love that ring and used it as inspiration for my fox cake.

I needed the cake to be as simple as possible because my niece and nephew’s cakes were priority (sorry Sister!!!). I was super happy that I was able to shape a round cake into a fox face quite simply. I was also very proud of myself because I covered the cake with white fondant in one go with minimal flaws. I think this was one of my best fondant coverings.

Michelle's LabyrinthMichelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's LabyrinthI then played with my airbrush and mixed some metallic red with some gold to get a bronze colour. I really wish the photos showed the metallic bronze colour better. I think I am going to have to invest in some lighting for my photos at some stage.

I then coloured the cheeks and ears in gold. Again the gold doesn’t show up as nicely in the photos. My challenge was then to place the cheeks and ears on the bronzed face. You might be able to see some finger marks because I wasn’t patient enough to let it dry properly… but I was quite happy with the final product and my sister seemed to like it! Actually I think she said an ear was eaten on the way home (she lives 2 hours away)! heheMichelle's LabyrinthWhile making the cake I kept referring to the fox photo below. I know not everyone likes foxes, they are known for breaking into chook pens and eating our birds and leaving destruction in their path. But this photo shows how beautifully handsome foxes can be. I just love their colouring. I hope my little sister likes this photo too :)Fox

I am pretty sure one of my Mum’s favourite animals is the fennec fox – so I thought I would include a picture of one of them for her. They are pretty cute! Love the big ears. (Note: the two fox photos were sourced from – there are some beautiful photos/wallpapers on that site).

I hope you enjoyed my fox cake and reminisced about playing What’s the time, Mr Fox?

Dinner time!!!






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4 thoughts on “Mr Fox

  1. Another great tale! Really love that pic of a fox – so intelligent and adorable BUT the fennec fox is my favourite from early childhood and that pic is the BEST I have ever seen ! Thank you! Xxx

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