Minnie Mouse Cake

Wow, it has been five weeks since my last post. Did anyone miss me? I missed writing that is for sure! I don’t feel like I have much interesting to say. I have just been working, not sleeping well, trying to keep house and doing a little bit of socialising. I have also built some LEGO, but we’ll leave that for another post. If you are a business owner who must deal with large amounts of waste, then waste compaction is a good service that can help you keep all of it out of the area where you work, you can get more info in https://www.entrepreneurshipinabox.com/23371/how-waste-compaction-services-can-benefit-your-business/.

So I thought I would show you the Minnie Mouse Cake I made in December. Amongst all the Christmas cakes I made December last year, I also made three birthday cakes – all for one day of course! The first cake booked in was a Minnie Mouse Cake for Isabella who turned one!

I was excited to do a Minnie MouseMichelle's Labyrinth Minnie Mouse Cake 6 cake because for my birthday last year a lovely friend of mine (a cake extraordinaire!) gave me a cake magazine with a free Mickey Mouse impression and cookie cutter. I’m not sure if I thought the cutter would make my life easier or harder, but I can say she took a little longer than I estimated. As I was building Minnie I saw an old version of Mickey Mouse (when he still had solid eyes)! He brought back some memories of being excited waiting for Sunday evenings when The Wonderful World of Disney was on.

The big difference between Mickey and Minnie is the bow! I’ve never made a bow like this before so I watched quite a few YouTubes and they make bows look so easy! I ended up using a lot of Tylopur powder, cake decorating tools to hold the bow up for a few hours and lots of begging to the fondant to hold shape and not tear! I was pretty chuffed with the outcome.

Michelle's Labyrinth Minnie Mouse Cake 5Michelle's Labyrinth Minnie Mouse Cake 4

The rest of the cake was pretty standard. My Isabella’s Mum picked out some cakes she liked and I picked a mixture










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