Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle’s Labyrinth

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3 thoughts on “Studio_2

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I was going to offer you all of my Star Wars stuff that I’m thinking of getting rid of……but after seeing these photos maybe that’s not such a good idea!! Ha ha!

    • Hi Chris
      Oh oh oh oh Star Wars stuff!!!!! Can I at least have a look? I have my Star Wars stuff in one of the glass cabinets and it is in an orderly fashion :)

      I was also naughty and in Atlanta I bought some other Star Wars things… America is so cheap and they had cool old things!! But you have to keep reading my posts to see what I bought!

      Hope you and the family are well :)

      • Yep….absolutely. I don’t have much. Just a Y-Wing fighter which I received for my 6th birthday, (yes it’s old, but it’s in pretty damn good shape for something 29 years old!) a few figurines, some old, out of their packaging, others still packaged (apart from the chips they came with…because I wanted to hear the sounds they made when placed against the chip reader (which I have also…obviously) I can send you pictures if you wish, or you could just pop in on the weekend if you want.

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