Midnight Madness

Uh-oh, I possibly am suffering from jet-lag (or guilt)! This is the second night I have just been unable to sleep. I have been sleepy during the day and then just can’t sleep at night! Not that I have done much during the day; just washing, ironing and surfing Foxtel! Hence my guilt. Oh well, I have always been a bit of a night owl. So I figured I would put my wakefulness to some use!

Oops, Makita just came downstairs. She must have sensed I wasn’t up there anymore. I was a little worried about her while we were on our holidays. My parents’ rottweiler was 13 when she died – the morning after my sister went overseas. Michelle's LabyrinthIt was like she waited for her to leave. Makita is 13 years and 3 months! She looks great for her age, still walks around the block, eats well and goes up & down the stairs! But she has a massive growth on her back leg. It doesn’t bother her, but I am afraid of any ramifications from it. But boy was she happy to see us on Tuesday! Lots of licks and snuggles!

While we were on holidays I actually had thoughts about what I want to do going forward (mainly in the short-term). A friend is doing a TAFE course on cake decorating and that got my mind tumbling. One of the first things I did after I resigned from work was to book into a cake decorating course. I ended up having to cancel it because it conflicted with our US trip :( So I have just made myself busy making cakes for any excuse of an occasion! If I had planned my sabbatical, I would have considered doing a TAFE course right now; but now how do I convince my hubbie about doing one next year? So then I considered doing a MBA (Master of Business Administration). OMG I just sent a request for more information from the Uni of Adelaide. An on-line semester starts in October! I may as well get the details – costs, how long etc etc (and if I will have time to do a cake decorating course at the same time!). So I guess it is watch this space!

Holy moly! I have been sitting here for almost 4 hours. Teen Wolf, Midnight Madness, Tour of Duty (intro music is Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones. Yay! They changed the intro music on the DVDs…) and Walker Texas Ranger (Chuck Norris has scary white teeth!) have kept me somewhat entertained (more like given me company). I have also been playing with my twitter account @mordtaylor (I am a beginner at that too! Posted my first tweets tonight!) and also done the dishwasher and googled one of my favourite authors – Paullina Simons (she’s touring Australia in November, another yay!). I am very multi-talented!

Midnight Madness: The History of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films (http://www.imdb.com/news/ni10447217/) – a documentary that looks like it has been split into 4 episodes by Foxtel. It was a bit wacky – discussing things such as “Teens Invade the Drive-Ins” and the old horror classics. But it was interesting how drive-ins started in the 1930s, gained a lot of popularity in the 1950s and 1960s – peaking to some 4000 in USA (obviously crazy teens and great scary movies such as The Blob)! And then the decline started in the 1980s (VCRs!).The name of the show gave me the chuckles though – I just feel like I had midnight madness because sleep seemed so far away!

My guilt also can be attributed to a project I need to do and haven’t started. I am a terrible procrastinator as I have probably mentioned. But not only is one of my flaws being a procrastinator, but I also collect things. I think I am a compulsive hoarder. The project I so desire to do is to sort and catalogue my studio. I have an extensive range of books and collectibles and I would like to ensure we have enough insurance to cover them aMichelle's Labyrinthll (and a complete listing also for insurance purposes). I also need to de-clutter the room, so it probably means some culling (hence why I am procrastinating!). And to the add salt to the wounds, I may have bought a bit while on our last trip! Here are some current photos of my studio and I plan to take you through my “travels” of sorting my studio!

I wasn’t overreacting with the compulsive hoarding was I? Wish me luck!

Michelle's Labyrinth




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2 thoughts on “Midnight Madness

  1. I got some spam on this post from a Compulsive Hoarder website which said: “Compulsive hoarding syndrome is the term used to describe a psychiatric condition in which the sufferer or hoarder excessively accumulates things in their homes to the point that their living space is cramped and becomes virtually unusable for its originally intended purpose. Also known as pathological collecting, this condition affects about 1% of the population in Britain and two million people in the United States – it is therefore a problem that is more common than most people think. And it is potentially hazardous as well….”

    I do not think I am that bad! It is just one room of my house…. but I promise to de-clutter!

  2. I remember seeing “The Blob” at the drive ins as young boy and it had a profound effect on my life… Also thank you for sharing your prime example of Hoarding and Procrastination with us I know feel a lot better about my own Hoarding/Procrastination. x

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