Makita – Part 2: The Kalgoorlie Days

I do not consider my dog a pet. My dogMichelle's Labyrinth is family. I am not sure who said that, but they are so correct! A year ago on 16th November 2012 Makita passed away. I am sure everyone reacts differently to death. A little of me went away with Makita that day, and I hope I don’t forget how much I loved her and how good she was. She was our cuddly teddy-bear, our Michelle's Labyrinthexerciser, our hot water bottle, our puppy!

On the 6th January 2003 we packed up the car and left just enough room for Makita in the back seat – she had just over a seat to herself! We were heading to Kalgoorlie! I still feel bad to this day about how little room she had for the next 6.5 hours, but she curled up after a while and slept most of the way.

Michelle's Labyrinth

Makita settled in straight away in her new house and new town. We rented for six months and once I had a job and we knew that we’d be in Kalgoorlie for a few years then we moved into our own place.

I have been trying to work out how to describe Makita’s life while we were in Kalgoorlie. Both hubbie and I worked pretty hard. I worked a lot of weekends and hubbie even umpired AFL (footy) or played cricket, depending on the season, on the weekends. So Makita’s life was trying to keep cool in the house during the day, us home for dinner and then “walkies” around the dimly lit streets of Kalgoorlie at night. Below on the left is Makita working with me and on the right is Makita watching the footy with hubbie – hubbie even taught her how to “high-five” when our team got a goal! Just imagine an excited higher version of “paw”!

Michelle's LabyrinthMichelle's Labyrinth

We often took trips back to Perth,Michelle's Labyrinth but it was too far away to take Makita, so she often had puppy-sitters. One of the reasons why we needed puppy-sitters and couldn’t put her in a kennel was because she thought she was a human – well at least she didn’t like other dogs, kids nor strange big men! I often said I must have taught her well! hehe But she may also have been a bit of a devil – check her eyes out! If you’re thinking about giving your dog CBD click here, CBD in treat form is the perfect way to incorporate cannabidiol into your pets’ diet as a supplement, at you can find many high quality products specialized for your pet.

Luckily there were lots of available puppy-sitters in Kalgoorlie as people often went away for weekends and I used to return the favour and look after their pets (Monty & Zephyr the cats and hermit crabs were my favourite!! :)  ).

Makita’s first puppy-sitters were Pam and Tracey. Pam was probably her last puppy-sitter too. I remember that one quite well because Pam was doing shift work driving a truck and Makita got used to going “toilet” and having breakfast at 4am! Thankfully she only tried a few days to get me up at that hour :)Michelle's Labyrinth

Sam (and yes the same one that puppy-sat Makita in Rockingham) moved to Kalgoorlie. She happened to move to Kalgoorlie a few days before we went on holidays! So Sam got to puppy-sit once more. Unfortunately there was a thunderstorm one night and Makita didn’t let Sam sleep on iota! Makita did not like thunderstorms at all and she didn’t until her last days. We are not sure if she was scared, or if she just wanted to grab the thunder and lightning and shake them until they went limp! Once during a thunderstorm in Kalgoorlie we were out in the front garden and Makita charged at the lightning – hence our assumption that she wanted to “get” it!

We took a trip to New ZealandMichelle's Labyrinth  and wanted someone to house-sit because we didn’t want to leave Makita alone for too long. I think we left her alone for 5 days once (with visitors of course), but at the end of 5 days she nipped me when we got home! She had never done that before, but I knew it meant she wasn’t happy being left alone that long. The poor thing :(

Our friends Brad and Sam (a different Sam!) house-sat for us. Now Brad isn’t much of a dog person and Sam is pretty small and Makita was pretty big. So they didn’t interact with Makita much and Makita decided she wouldn’t eat! We had a couple of texts from them and then another friend Ruth, who had puppy-sat Makita a few times too, went over and told Makita it was okay. Ruth had to stand with Makita while she ate, and she did and all was okay after that! Once again, the poor thing!Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth

I also feel terrible that we didn’t spend 5 Christmas Days with Makita :( But we left presents for her puppy-sitters to give her. For the first year we caved and gave her a rope toy while I was finishing wrapping the Christmas presents – she loved it! She loved all her toys, even though all of them ended up being destroyed!Michelle's Labyrinth

Toys weren’t the only thing Makita destroyed, she also liked to scratch and dig on her canvas bed. I swear for 5 birthdays in a row her present was a new canvas cover! And I am so thankful that we got a photo of her “in” her bed!    Michelle's Labyrinth Michelle's Labyrinth

Now time for some more shaming. For those of you that may not know where Kalgoorlie is, well it is 600km inland in Western Australia. Being so far inland means the soil is red. So here a couple of shots when Makita turned red! And also a shot of her in the hole for our new pool – a much bigger hole than those Makita-Bin-Laden ones from Rockingham days!Michelle's Labyrinth

Early 2008 hubbie and I left Kalgoorlie, but not without having one last party! We had accumulated a lot of alcohol over the years and wanted everyone to try to help us drink it so we didn’t have to cart it back to Perth! Here is hubbie and Makita the day after the party!Michelle's Labyrinth

And I cannot end Makita’s Kalgoorlie story without mentioning a new friend called Jannine. Jannine was our saviour during our last weeks of living in Kalgoorlie. Our Kalgoorlie house settled on 30th January 2008, but our new house in Perth wasn’t finished yet! Hubbie spent a few weeks in Perth hurrying up the builders and Jannine was just wonderful and let Makita and I (and hubbie) crash at her house. Jannine also looked after Makita for a night when I had to go to Perth for a funeral. They were a few crazy weeks, but Jannine saved the day! Makita left a good impression on Jannine and Scoobs was welcomed into Jannine’s life not long after!!

Here I will leave you with a smiling Makita and you’ll have to wait a little while for the last chapter of Makita’s life (and be warned I got my SLR during this chapter and Makita was my model!). Don’t you just love happy puppies? :)Michelle's Labyrinth

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