Luck Dragon for a Best Friend

Michelle's Labyrinth One of my favourite movies growing up was The Neverending Story. I loved the concept of the never-ending story and how it was written as you read the book. I guess at the time I didn’t grasp the fact that we actually do write our own storiesMichelle's Labyrinth  as we go, through all our life choices. I probably skipped that thought and just wanted to be transported into a book to visit Moonface and Silkie in the Faraway Tree, or get into trouble with Blinkie Bill, or have my very own Secret Garden or wishing I found a secret sixth Golden Ticket so I could join Charlie Bucket at the Chocolate Factory!

I share the love of The Neverending Story with one of my best friends. I am very lucky to have such a great friend since highschool. We did lose touch when I moved to Kalgoorlie. I lost her address, so I sent a Christmas Card one year to her parent’s house hoping they hadn’t moved. My friend kept the card and meant to write to me, but misplaced the card. However we got in touch through that school friends website (which was quickly trampled by Facebook).

Once I was back in Perth we caught up and rekindled our friendship. She introduced me to card making and now we see each often! Then a couple of years ago when she moved house, guess what she found on top of her fridge? The Christmas Card with my Kalgoorlie address I sent her! LOL!

It was a bit of a last moment idea,Michelle's Labyrinth but I made her a cake for her birthday. I needed to test out of white chocolate mud cake recipe and what a great way to test it, but make a cake for my best friend and take it to craft for everyone to eat.

So I made her a Falkor Luck Dragon cake for her birthday and she seemed pretty stoked with it :) It’s always nice getting surprises on your birthday! Plus everyone seemed really happy with the white chocolate mud cake! Yay!

Michelle's Labyrinth

I really enjoyed making Falkor. It was a fairly quick cake, well the cake decorating was quicker than usual. However making white chocolate mud cake too ages to bake! I hadn’t made a mud cake before, but I guess that is why they turn out so heavy!

Michelle's Labyrinth  Michelle's Labyrinth

Can you believe my friend’s children wanted to eat Falkor!? She took him home to show them (and they got a slice of the cake) and her daughter asked if she could eat just one eye! I still can’t think of the correct word, but how malicious, satanic, ferocious!?!

Michelle's Labyrinth

So I hope you like Falkor, and here is to many more years of friendship with my “birthday girl” friend and with you! :-)

Michelle's Labyrinth






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2 thoughts on “Luck Dragon for a Best Friend

  1. Very touching love your story. Love Falcor too. what is the next theme. I wish you do magic faraway tree or wishing chair or the Minpins :) Vimol

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I had absolutely nooo idea you were doing this for me. The Never Ending Story is my ALLTIME favourite movie and Falkor is soo loveable. I am feeling very special to have a talented friend like you willing to make this for me. Thanks you so very much. :)

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