Happy New Year – 2013!

2012 was an interesting year. It included some tough bits and some amazing times. I am very grateful for my chance to have some time off work and enjoy exploring my creative side. I am very thankful my family and friends are well. I miss my crazy little princess Makita, but I am completely in love with my new babies – Hamlet and Macbeth. I love my hubbie dearly and can’t believe we have been together 15 years!

I have been very busy making as many cakes as possible and haven’t blogged about them all yet! One of the first cakes I made on my sabbatical was my Dad’s 65th birthday cake. For his birthday I got Dad & Mum tickets to see the play The Mousetrap – an Agatha Christie’s murder mystery who-done-it. Before hubbie and I went to the U.K. the first time, Dad mentioned he had always wished he had seen The Mousetrap while he and Mum had lived in London. Hubbie and I were very lucky and got to see The Mousetrap in 2001. So when The Mousetrap came to Perth we took my parents to their first play! Thankfully I have a pretty bad memory and had forgotten who-done-it!

On Dad’s actual birthday Mum arranged for my two sisters and I to have lunch with her and Dad. It has been a very long time since just the 5 of us had had a meal together. So I could give Dad something on his actual birthday I made his birthday cake!

Michelle's Labyrinth

Long story short, Dad and Mum used to own a winery. I modelled Dad’s birthday cake on one of his wine bottles. Amazingly hubbie still has a couple of Dad’s bottles of wine in his wine collection.

Michelle's Labyrinth    Michelle's Labyrinth

Dad seemed pretty chuffed with the cake and even took a picture of his on his mobile phone – that was a first for me to see! A lady also came up to us and asked where we got the cake from – ‘I made it!’ and then she said “Happy Birthday Old Man!”… Dad was not impressed but the rest of us laughed quite heartily (don’t tell him this, but he definitely does not look 65!).

My friend’s Mum who goes to craft with us had her birthday on a craft day, so I made her a cake! She cannot eat chocolate so I made a butter cake with sultanas. Besides craft she is also an avid dart player, so I made her a dart board! I had to google what they look like, to ensure I got the numbers right! She seemed to really like it and made sure she took home the 20 section!

Michelle's Labyrinth

Another cake I made quite recently wasMichelle's Labyrinth a truck cake! My lovely friend gave me a cake book for my sabbatical present! (I love encouragement!). One of the cakes in the book had donuts for tyres, and her son asked if I would make him a truck cake for his birthday. He waited patiently for almost six months, but he got it in the end! Now he is 4 years old, he is also allowed in my car! My convertible can’t fit baby seats in it, but now he is on a booster seat! So hopefully the weather is nice this Friday coming up, so he and his sister can FINALLY go for a ride in my car with the roof down. The cake seemed to be a hit including with the male adults. They liked the tread I put on this tyres :)

Michelle's Labyrinth    Michelle's Labyrinth

I made the last cake for 2012 yesterday (it’s after midnight!). We were invited to my sister’s place for New Year’s Eve. I asked her if I could bring anything and she said no and listed what she had organised. So I asked if I could make a cake – my niece and nephew are my biggest fans! She said sure. So I whipped up a cake!

Michelle's Labyrinth

I found out that 2013 is the year of the snake, Michelle's Labyrinthwhich I am happy with! I was born in 1977 which is a snake, so hopefully that means this year will be a great year! (I know that Chinese New Year isn’t until the 10 February 2013, but it is what I wanted to do!) I knew there were going to be four kids at the party, so I made sure that there were four small snakes! While doing my research it said that red was good luck, so I made a red cake with a little bit of fairy dust.

I really need to practice writing on cakes and I also need to remember that writing gel smudges if covered with GLAD Wrap! In 2013 I would like to dramatically improve my writing, piping and flawless fondant.

2013 is now upon us. I hope everyone has a prosperous year full of health, love, fun times, travel, exciting news and that some of your dreams come true.

Michelle's Labyrinth



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