Halloween Cupcakes

Michelle's Labyrinth Last week one of my cousins messaged me asking if I was able to make her some Halloween cupcakes to take to a Halloween party! Of course I said yes! The past two years I have made cupcakes or a cake around Halloween, and I was a little sad that I wasn’t making anything this year. The week was hectic for me due to numerous deadlines with the tax office, but I made time for these cupcakes and I thought it would be good for me to get away from the computer. Plus I had Halloween cupcake wrappers and sprinkles just waiting for such an occasion.Michelle's Labyrinth

The idea of the cupcakes came from a photo I shared on my Michelle’s Labyrinth Facebook page. The shared photo has disappeared for some reason (Facebook does weird things sometimes), but I did happen to read the blog about the cupcakes. Check it out here if you like: http://www.mycakeschool.com/blog/halloween-cupcake-tutorial/ . This lady made her creatures with melted chocolate and various lollies. I am terrible at piping chocolate, so until I have time for lots of practice I decided to make all the creatures/decorations with my trusty fondant! But you can see I borrowed some ideas from My Cake School Blog.

I told hubbie that I was making my cousinMichelle's Labyrinth  some cupcakes and he then said I want a cupcake! I told him no, because I told my cousin she was going to get a dozen, and I wasn’t going to pinch one for my hubbie. So he then proceeded to tell me how one of the guys in the office brings in baked treats from his wife and he was forced to eat banana bread the other day (my husband hates 2 things – bananas and tomatoes!). So I said okay!! I’ll make some cupcakes, but they may not be decorated as good as my cousins :)Michelle's Labyrinth

I ended up getting up at 4am to make the cupcakes and due to the earliness, I made a boo-boo with the first batch! I wanted to make orange cupcakes with a black swirl. The mixture looked great in the bowl, but as I scooped the mixture into the cupcake tins the mixture became an awful grey! So luckily I was making a second batch – this time I put the black mixture into the cupcake tins separately and gave it a light swirl there. Mental note for next time – mix colours in the cake tin!

Then as I watched The Labyrinth and Pete’s Dragon for the 245th times, I made little creatures and decorations for the cupcakes. Our team at work seemed to really appreciate them. Hubbie was happy that he got a cupcake (or two!). Even two little girls, daughters of one of the ladies in the office, got one


each and I was even sent a photo of them with their big smiles :) And it was lovely to see my cousin, although it was only for a few minutes. So I think I won all round :)

These are the cupcakes for my cousin – which ended up being butter cake.Michelle's Labyrinth

And the cupcakes I took to work – vanilla flavour.  have decided I don’t like vanilla! hehe Fruit cake, butter cake or a non-heavy chocolate cake are much more to my taste! :)Michelle's Labyrinth

I hope you had a lovely Halloween or Hallowmas (All Hallows’ Eve (Hallowe’en), All Saints’ Day (All Hallows’) and All Souls’ Day) or even just a great weekend if you are not into any of them :)Michelle's Labyrinth





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