Goonies Never Say Die!

One of my favourite movies growing up was The Goonies. We had a video of it taped from the TV and we watched it every school holidays! My sisters and I knew the movie inside out, and when every advert was so we were ready to fast forward! We knew Michelle's Labyrinthwhat the truffle shuffle was (poor Chunk); loved Data’s inventions; laughed at Mouth’s loose translation of Mikey’s Mum’s instructions to Rosa; wanted an attic like Mikey’s, and also wanted an older brother just like Brandon… okay, maybe that was just me wanting Josh Brolin!
Michelle's Labyrinth





The Easter Bunny visited me in the U.S. so I could give some Reece’s Pieces to my niece and nephew and also my friend’s kids. When my friend’s kids heard the Easter Bunny had given me some treats, a request was put in that they come to my house for a treasure hunt in my media room and also to watch a movie. My friend and I decided on The Goonies this time, we are trying to introduce some of our old faves to them. Last holidays it was Bedknobs and Broomsticks!

So what do The GooniesMichelle's Labyrinth and a Easter Egg hunt have in common? A treasure map!





So here is the map I made the kids! My friend had to read it out to them, and I was very impressed she got the rhythm that was in my head!

Michelle's Labyrinth
Hear ye, hear ye!
The U.S. Easter bunny is very tricky.
Follow some clues
To find some treats of goo!
Take four paces as if ones tall,
To find four red golden balls.

Marshmallow eggs the Easter bunny has hidden,
Is there something long black and wooden?
Open the doors to find what is there,
There may be boobie traps so beware!

Fancy some Easter jelly beans?
Hope you’ve been good and your bedroom is clean?
Turn over the treasure map,
For clues on your next step.

Now for Reece’s Pieces and a pirate movie called The Goonies.
Be good and not act like loonies!
Carefully use the buttons to raise the middle chairs,
Now look under to find the last Easter treasures!!

The first section of theMichelle's Labyrinth map was stuck to the media room door, and the next quarter was with the first lot of goodies and the next section was with the next lot of goodies and so on. The red golden balls were Lindt Milk Chocolate balls. The boobie traps were DVDs leaning against the doors of the TV cabinet so when the doors were opened they fell out. My friend asked the kids what in the room goes “Grrr!” and Scott pointed to my Chewbacca! Sure enough the jelly beans were under him! The kids seemed to enjoyed the treasure hunt, and even more so enjoyed the goodies while watching The Goonies.


I do love the movie very much and I love how the musical score just sucks you into the adventure and how it expresses the emotions so well. Starting with the Fratelli Chase filled with excitement to get you revved up. The sparking romantic section when they are taking a pee break (and sneaking a kiss in the tunnel), which is followed by “They’re here!” and the Skull Cave Race when the tempo has increased, heart is racing, danger looming! I just love it! Dave Grusin did an amazing job composing this score.

But I cannot leave out Cyndi Lauper’s song “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough“… brilliant in the movie.Michelle's Labyrinth

And lastly, just to prove I am such a Goonie, here is the T-shirt I wore today (courtesy of my lovely hubbie who bought it for me when he was in the U.S.) “Goonies Never Say DIE!”  :)

Michelle's Labyrinth




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2 thoughts on “Goonies Never Say Die!

  1. We had a great time. The kids thought the hunt was fantastic and the movie was awesome (except some scary bits). I loved the maps you made 😀

  2. I haven’t watched The Goonies for such a long time. I can’t believe how young they all were at the time of filming. Maybe it’s time to break it out and watch it again.

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