Christmas Cake Decorating Class 2013

I think I mentioned I didn’t doMichelle's Labyrinth Christmas the last term of cake decorating class this year, which I was very disappointed about because I enjoyed last year’s Christmas term so much. And here is why!

For the first two weeks we made lots of and lots of decorations for a Christmas Tree and a couple of other Christmas cakes. The third week we made a couple of reindeer that I totally adore and I hope to make a couple more this year. On the fourth week we made these two cupcake stacks. There is a piece of dowel attached to the cake board that the cupcakes are stacked on.

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas

I really liked the cupcake stacks! And as you can see I even did a bit of piping. I took the stacks to ‘Craft with Friends’ at the church and all the ladies liked them. I made a point of saying I was going to keep the reindeer, but little did I know that was short-lived. After craft I left the reindeer and the cupcake boards on our kitchen table for a few days. On the Saturday night we went out for a few hours and unfortunately my puppies have a taste for fondant and a taste for wood! They had eaten my reindeer and the dowel on the cake boards! I was pretty upset, but that wasn’t where it ended, I had left an unopened 24 pack of toilet rolls on the shelf and toilet paper was strewn all over the living area! The house was complete havoc!! But thankfully a reindeer each was enough and I found the small Christmas tree from the blue cupcake stack outside, so at least they didn’t eat too much to make themselves ill. The puppies were a bit down the next day and I am not sure if that was because I was grumpy, or if they were coming down from a sugar high!

In class we then got to make our Christmas Trees! Most of the class made a tree trunk for the tree to sit on, but I had offered to make the Christmas cake that year for ‘Craft with Friends’ final day so I needed a bigger cake. After making the blue cupcakes above I had a picture in my head of how I wanted the base cake to look like – like a snowy hill! Here’s a couple of photos from class last year. As you can see all of our trees are a little different and I love that. We each have our own flair!

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas

I know you have seen this tree before, but I hadn’t really written about it. The actual tree is decorated on Styrofoam (there was no way I was going to bake an actual tree cake and I am not sure if my oven is even tall enough). So I got to use the tree again for Boxing Day and this time I made a tree trunk for it! I still have the tree so I might pull it out again.

I also wanted to show you a close up of the small reindeer head on the Christmas tree. I thought it was ingenious – the parts have been stuck to an upside gingerbread man!

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas

We also made the Christmas cake push pops and a Christmas bauble cake (see links if you missed them). I have no idea how we fit so much into one term!

I plan to make 5 more Christmas cakes in the next week! So watch out for a few more Christmas posts! And I am really really looking forward to cake decorating class next year!

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas




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2 thoughts on “Christmas Cake Decorating Class 2013

  1. I very much enjoyed reading about your Chrissy! Love fraggles- have a small med Booba doll, he’s cute. Supernatural is great, I love their car! The puppets are awesome. Your cakes are out of this world. Congratulations on all your hard and successful business work! You’ve made my year look very unproductive. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of paintings by the end of this year for an exhibition – that’s my new year plan lol. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you and your families for a wonderful and Happy New Year. Peace on earth xxoo

    • Thank you so much Pip!! I am looking forward to seeing more of your paintings! The beach one I have seen is amazing! I hope you have a wonderful year too!!! xxx

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