Seven Deadly Sins

Foods (Masterchef):

Lust – Apple

Envy – Chocolate

Greed – Saffron

Sloth – Snails

Wrath – Chilli

Pride – Mirror Dory

Gluttony – Pork

Cinderella as Lust
Cinderella was selected to display Lust because I see Lust as an inner desire that strives for personal pleasure or gain. Cinderella is always dreaming of a life other than the one she has with her wicked step-mother, and who could blame her. And then after dancing with the Prince, he becomes her every thought and she cannot stop wanting to be with him again. She was illustrated in an enticing manner to symbolize temptation, as Lust I feel is the most tempting sin. This pandemic is creating tons of uncertainty for all of us. It can be scary, lonely, and depressing, but help of a teletherapy counseling you can overcome it.

Lust / desire – could involve the intense desire of money, fame, or power as well.

Snow White as Gluttony
Snow White was selected to represent Gluttony because first and foremost, she takes a bite of an apple and that bite is her demise. I see gluttony as eating so much that harm occurs, and that is precisely Snow White’s story. She is also herself a symbol of triumph over Gluttony, for she was saved by her prince. Each of the characters in this series will both represent the sin and triumph over said sin.

gluttony (Latin, gula) is the over-indulgence and over-consumptionof anything to the point of waste. In Christian religions, it is considered a sin because of the excessive desire for food, and its withholding from the needy. Because of these scripts, gluttony can be interpreted as selfishness; essentially placing concern with one’s own interests above the well-being or interests of others.

Ariel as Greed
My girl Ariel was selected to showcase Greed due to the fact that she was never completely satisfied with what she had under the sea. A crown, a loving family, friends… and copious amounts of human-world treasures were not enough to suffice. But all of these things she really had to try hard to achieve, except for maybe outsmarting Glut the shark, but she made that look effortless. When it came time for Ariel to try to achieve what she wanted most, to be human, she takes the wrong approach, and ends up getting pulled into Ursula’s own greedy scheme to rule the oceans. In the end, after Ursula had been destroyed as well as Ariel’s chances at humanity (or so she thought) she finally earns her legs by proving her love for her prince to her father.

Greed is applied to a very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of material possessions.

Auroro as Sloth
Aurora was selected to represent sloth for a number of reasons. First because she is widely known as “The Sleeping Beauty”, and secondly because for the first 16 years of her life she lived in a homely cottage in the woods, never really doing much other than sing to her woodland friends and pick berries. This was not her choice however, she was in hiding and even that was not her choice. She was largely affected by Sloth although she herself never willingly committed any Sloth acts.

While sloth is sometimes defined as physical laziness, spiritual laziness is emphasized. Failing to develop spiritually is key to becoming guilty of sloth. Sloth has also been defined as a failure to do things that one should do. By this definition, evil exists when good men fail to act.

Jasmine as Wrath
She was selected due to her aggressive nature and because of one scene from the movie where we see her one suitor exit the courtyard very flustered and missing the fabric covering his underwear. No doubt the doing of Jasmine’s tiger Rajah.

Wrath (Latin, ira), also known as “rage”, may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. Wrath, in its purest form, presents with self-destructiveness, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds that can go on for centuries. Wrath may persist long after the person who did another a grievous wrong is dead. Feelings of anger can manifest in different ways, including impatience, revenge, and vigilantism.

Tinkerbell as Envy
Here’s Tink, not a princess but the most suitable character to represent the battle with Envy. Tink’s envy of Wendy and Peter’s relationship causes her to do some pretty mean things, but in the end she overcomes her envy and grows to be the sassy fairy we all know and love.

Like greed and lust, Envy (Latin, invidia) is characterized by an insatiable desire. Envy is similar to jealousy in that they both feel discontent towards someones traits, status, abilities, or rewards. The difference is the envious also desire that entity and covet it.

Belle as Vanity
Here’s Belle, the victim of vanity. While she herself is not vain, those around her seem to see nothing but her beauty, such as Gaston only wants her due to her radiance. Her tale itself is one completely focused on Vanity.

In almost every list, pride (Latin, superbia), or hubris (Greek), is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and the source of the others. It is identified as a desire to be more important or attractive than others, failing to acknowledge the good work of others, and excessive love of self (especially holding self out of proper position toward God).


Minnie Mouse Cake

Wow, it has been five weeks since my last post. Did anyone miss me? I missed writing that is for sure! I don’t feel like I have much interesting to say. I have just been working, not sleeping well, trying to keep house and doing a little bit of socialising. I have also built some LEGO, but we’ll leave that for another post. If you are a business owner who must deal with large amounts of waste, then waste compaction is a good service that can help you keep all of it out of the area where you work, you can get more info in

So I thought I would show you the Minnie Mouse Cake I made in December. Amongst all the Christmas cakes I made December last year, I also made three birthday cakes – all for one day of course! The first cake booked in was a Minnie Mouse Cake for Isabella who turned one!

I was excited to do a Minnie MouseMichelle's Labyrinth Minnie Mouse Cake 6 cake because for my birthday last year a lovely friend of mine (a cake extraordinaire!) gave me a cake magazine with a free Mickey Mouse impression and cookie cutter. I’m not sure if I thought the cutter would make my life easier or harder, but I can say she took a little longer than I estimated. As I was building Minnie I saw an old version of Mickey Mouse (when he still had solid eyes)! He brought back some memories of being excited waiting for Sunday evenings when The Wonderful World of Disney was on.

The big difference between Mickey and Minnie is the bow! I’ve never made a bow like this before so I watched quite a few YouTubes and they make bows look so easy! I ended up using a lot of Tylopur powder, cake decorating tools to hold the bow up for a few hours and lots of begging to the fondant to hold shape and not tear! I was pretty chuffed with the outcome.

Michelle's Labyrinth Minnie Mouse Cake 5Michelle's Labyrinth Minnie Mouse Cake 4

The rest of the cake was pretty standard. My Isabella’s Mum picked out some cakes she liked and I picked a mixture










Christmas 2014: Part 2

Christmas is almost upon us! Three moreMichelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 13
sleeps! Is everyone getting excited? Are you looking forward to a few days off work? Or are you looking forward to a few quiet days after Christmas?

I am getting excited. I am not sure how much time I will get off work, but I won’t be working full time do not worry! It will be a good chance to catch up on some things, knock some jobs off my list and hopefully start the new year afresh! Assuming “the boss” (my hubbie!) doesn’t come up with any brain waves! I’ll have to keep himMichelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 14 liquored up and hopefully the cricket will keep him occupied! I am also looking forward to a few quiet days. I have been trying to catch up with as many friends as possible before Christmas, among other work/home/cake duties, so it will be good to have a few days home without any dates/appointments!

I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to this month, unfortunately I had a cold last week (I dislike colds during summer very much!),Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 15 had a couple of skin allergies earlier in the month (little blisters on your fingers makes it hard to write and impossible to do cake things!!). But I believe I have almost finished my Christmas shopping – just two more small things! And I have made 4 cakes and have another 5 in the making! So I do not think I am doing too bad :)

I have still been sharing something Christmasy every day on Facebook and am up to 22 out of 25! I thought I would blog about them now in case I go into a chocolate coma on Christmas Day and cannot finish my 25 days of Christmas!

As you know I love all things fantasy and I have added a couple of Christmas related creatures to my collection the past couple of years. Last year I was admiring lots of mermaids made by Mermaids Dreaming by Kotton Valley Dolls on Facebook. I happened to be online one day when they showed these amazing Rudolphs that were going to be available for sale very soon. I loved them, especially the one I was so very lucky to buy! He reminds me of Mr Tumnus, the faun from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe portrayed by James McAvoy. He fits in the palm of my hand and did I say that I loved him very much? He’s adorable!Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 16

I’m not sure if I have spoken about Supernatural that much, except maybe in my Scruffy vs Clean Cut blog post. When I first heard of Supernatural I had either just finished, or was just finishing watching all the Charmed episodes. When my sister mentioned this new show I was like “that sounds like a boy version of Charmed” and wasn’t interested. I even saw Dean as a guest on an evening talk show (might have been Good News Week) and thought he looked too cute to fight supernatural beings. I can’t remember how I actually started watching Supernatural, I think my sister had to tell me about it again and I listened to her this time and then I was hooked! And as much as I love Charmed, Sam and Dean are so much better! Makes Charmed look like child’s play! So I love Supernatural, just in case I wasn’t clear.

Now I do not think I have spoken too much about my love of puppets, Jim Henson and Brian Froud yet. I grew up watching Sesame Street and the The Muppet Show, and loved Fraggle Rock when it was on. And of course there were amazing puppets used in The Labyrinth. So I love puppets and consider them pretty much fantasy creatures, but I never considered owning one until a friend bought a puppet at FAO Schwarz – must-see toy store in New York! He owned a puppet! And I wanted one (being the big kid I am!). Unfortunately you can’t order the puppets on-line so that was out of the question, and then I couldn’t even decide what puppet I wanted. Did I want Kermit the Frog, or a Fraggle or something else? My interest in puppets grew again when I saw Avenue Q –  puppets definitely could be for adults! hehe Then when we went to DragonCon in Atlanta I saw a lady with a self-made Fraggle. Boy I really wanted a puppet!!

Last year at Supanova I Cursed Creations Supanova 2014was walking around all the stores with my sister, niece and nephew. We saw a store called Cursed Creations that had puppets! My eyes must have lit up because the lovely lady behind the desk asked if I was into puppets, I said no but I was interested in them. My sister and I had a look at the puppets and I saw Dean from Supernatural and thought he was cool, but Sam has always been my favourite. I also thought Edward and Bella from Twilight were pretty cool (top right in the photo), but I definitely didn’t like Twilight as much as Supernatural. While I was walking around Supanova later on I went onto Facebook and liked Cursed Creations Facebook page and looked through their photos. It was then that I noticed there had been a Sam puppet too but he had already sold by the time I found the store! It was then I decided I “needed” those two puppets – a Sam and a Dean! They were the perfect puppets for me. Unfortunately Dean had sold by the time I had made up my mind, but after a quick Facebook message I was told they were definitely make a Sam and Dean for me! (Puppets from Supanova 2014 photo sourced from

So guess who I got for Christmas? Sam and Dean puppets! Here is my first photo of them! I am still waiting for a good hair day before I take any selfies with them! I have also been a little too busy this December and haven’t put our Christmas tree up, so I made one with GIMP! I love my Sam and Dean very much – they are perfect!Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 17

Before I show another fantasy purchase, here are a few more photos of my Christmas so far this year including a photo of an Australian Christmas Tree (Nuytsia floribunda)and an Australian Christmas Spider (Austracantha minax). I wanted to share these for my non-Australia readers and they are both such unique species! Whenever I see a Christmas Tree I smile knowing Christmas is near! I haven’t seen a Christmas Spider for about 14 years, but definitely love seeing them when I do. They always have different colours on them and they are definitely not a spider you squish! They are too pretty and they never seem to get in your way.

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 18 aMichelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 18 b

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 19Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 20

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 21

My other purchase last year was from the talented Natasha Morgan. I also follow Natasha on Facebook and also enjoy reading her blog. Last year she made lots of peg dolls, which are about 12cm tall and the dolls are made on wooden pegs, and when I saw Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghosts from A Christmas Carol I just had to have them. I must admit that the Ghost of Christmas Present isn’t what Natasha intended her to be, but Natasha’s version had already been purchased and I wanted a complete set and the red and white doll just reminded me of Christmas. I think Natasha did an amazing job and the Ghost of Christmas Past is beautiful – I cannot believe how detailed she is considering how small she is. I take my hat off to people who can sew! I watched The Muppet Christmas Carol on the weekend and their Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come was also a grim reaper.

Michelle's Labyrinth Christmas Day 22

I thought this might be a shorter post, but I guess I got excited talking about Christmas, fauns, and puppets! I hope you have enjoyed the next 10 days of Michelle’s Labyrinth Christmas. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year (although I might write a post before then!). Please be safe and don’t drink and drive!

 Merry Christmas!

 On the Thirteenth day of Christmas Michelle’s Labyrinth sent to me a some home-made fruit cakes.

On the Fourteenth day of Christmas Michelle’s Labyrinth sent to me a trip to an Aussie beach. 

On the Fifteenth day of Christmas Michelle’s Labyrinth sent to me a cupcake stack with a reindeer.  [Made in 2013 in cake decorating class.]

 On the Sixteenth day of Christmas Michelle’s Labyrinth sent to me a sleeping Rudolph faun.  [Made by Mermaids Dreaming by Kotton Valley Dolls.]

On the Seventeenth day of Christmas Michelle’s Labyrinth sent to me Sam and Dean puppets.  [Made by Cursed Creations]

On the Eighteenth day of Christmas Michelle’s Labyrinth sent to me a lots of wrapping paper.  [And the wrapping paper tube was enjoyed by Hamlet and Macbeth!]

On the Nineteenth day of Christmas Michelle’s Labyrinth sent to me a Secret Santa gift at work.

On the Twentieth day of Christmas Michelle’s Labyrinth sent to me an Australian Christmas Tree and Australia Christmas Spider.

On the Twenty-first day of Christmas Michelle’s Labyrinth sent to me Christmas cakes in the making. [Work-in-progress cakes!]

On the Twenty-second day of Christmas Michelle’s Labyrinth sent to me Scrooge and the ghosts from A Christmas Carol. [Made by Natasha Morgan]

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