Blue Blue Blue

Most people are aware that blue is my favourite colour. I like blue jewellery (I have sapphires on my engagement and wedding rings and my eternity stone is a blue tanzanite!), blue clothes, blue car, blue stationery, blue bedroom and even blue gutters on the house!

We had my folks and the in-laws over for dinner last night and I wanted to make another cake for my collection but I didn’t know what to make! I went through all the cake books I have (whilst watching Cupcake Wars) to get some inspiration. A book I got from my hubbie’s cousin, The Whimsical Bakehouse, has a lot of decorations using melted white chocolate and I thought that I would give it a go! They also have many cakes with fillings so I thought I would also try that. I was reading through the filling recipes and one mentioned whipped cream and adding fruit… an idea started to form!

I follow a couple of cake pages on Facebook and Coxies Cakes is fantastic (check out her Alice in Wonderland cake!). She has made a few rainbow cakes, so I was really interested in baking with colours! So I googled (I love Google!!) rainbow cakes and the first search result was a Martha Stewart recipe The colours of the cake are made with food colouring, how easy is that! I had to give it a go! (Picture below is from the Martha Stewart site.)

Since my favourite colour is blue, a picture started to form! I would make a blue butter cake and use whipped cream and blueberries as a filling. I went with electric blue for the base and both fresh and canned blueberries. I thought the canned berries would take some of the tartness away from the fresh berries. The next layer I made sky blue.

You might be able to see a bit of brown under the second layer; the cake was a light brown all over when it came out of the oven. As you can see from Martha Stewart’s cake above, they had to cut it to see the rainbow colours. When I was presenting my cake, I wanted it to be blue all over! I wanted to shock the folks! So I cut the edges off the cake :)

To top the cake I tried to add some blue colouring to whipped cream. That didn’t work. Not sure if the food colouring made it too watery, or if I whipped it too much, or if the food colouring reacted with the cream. So I went with my fail-safe butter icing. I coloured it royal blue. I am so glad I did top it with butter icing because it was DELICIOUS!

Then I started playing with white melting chocolate. I am a beginner at piping, so that was interesting. Thank god for disposable Wilton piping bags! Well as you can see I had fun! And the cake got a great reaction from the folks… I think Dad was afraid to eat it because it was so blue! But how can you go wrong with Blue Butter Cake filled with Whipped Cream and Blueberries, topped with Blue Butter Icing with melted white chocolate!!!  YUM! Guess who gets the left overs?! 😛



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