Makita – Part 1: The Rockingham Days

Last August (2012) my youngest sister asked for a blog about Makita, our baby whom we lost last year. So here are some memories and photos of Makita! Hope you enjoy, and it brings back memories to those that met her!

Primarch Stacey Poetic “Makita” (10 June 1999 – 16 November 2012) was our Rottweiler whom we called puppy for nearly 13 and a half years. She was born to Portlouis Anastania CD ADX “Stacey” and AUST CH Blackcombe Ruger, who came from an agility line of Rottweilers. Makita was our housewarming present from my Mum and Dad. I had lived on a farm for over 22 years and had never been without pets, so my parents ensured I had a baby of my own when I moved out. Our lives changed forever when this little black fur-ball zoomed into our lives.Michelle's Labyrinth

My youngest sister spent the day with us when we brought Makita home to our place in Rockingham. Makita was introduced to this lovely big grassed back garden and we spent the afternoon rolling over the grass together. Of course we didn’t have a digital camera back then, so the number of shots over the first year are few and far between by today’s standards, but we have a few precious moments including my hair being fed to Makita and our first family photo.Michelle's Labyrinth

Makita ranged between the two extremesMichelle's Labyrinth of being a bundle of energy to sleeping very well – with her belly up a lot of the time. To say Makita didn’t terrorise us would be a lie. She ruled the roost from day one and took over our house. My parents had a Rottweiler called Sheba, so I knew how big Makita would get. For the first few months Makita looked dwarfed by her bed and bowls. But it wasn’t long before she had detroyed most of her toys and became famous for her maddies around the house. Empty 1.25L coke bottles became her new toys and a baby’s play pen was purchased from a second hand store to give us time to do some chores and have time-outs!Michelle's Labyrinth

Michelle's Labyrinth    Michelle's Labyrinth

I have a clear memory of our housewarmingMichelle's Labyrinth party. Makita was so adorable, enjoying all these new play mates of the human kind. However we had a couple of naughty friends called Tim and Andrew. We lived on a corner block on the edge of a suburb. The side of our house backed onto bushland and the back of the house was where the main road to Bunbury was. Tim and Andrew had to climb our fence to see what was on the other side and then jump back over of course. Makita thought this was a great game and promptly told them off. I have this clear image of Tim running hard down the side of our house, with cream cargos on and Makita close behind! Guess who won? Makita gained victory by claiming a bit of those cargos! And I love that Tim still remembers Makita for that!

Michelle's Labyrinth I was studying my Chartered Accountancy at this stage and Makita became my study partner. It is a little hard to believe that she used to sleep under my white desk, the one I had had since I was around 10, and being able to fit in an approximately 50cm x 50cm space with my legs. I always had my little grey heater burring away, so she sought out the warmth and the company. She was pretty good with my study books, as I always had a few on the floor, but she did munch on two of my favourite books, The Dragon Hoard by Tanith Lee and The Tao of Pooh & The Te of Piglet by Benjam….. Benjamim Hoff – sorry I had to turn over a few pages to find that out! Hubbie’s main losses were numerous socks and a wallet. Makita did a good job on his drivers licence too and hubbie often got a few looks from bouncers and police men (he has bit of a history with traffic police!).

Hubbie was working at his parent’s Dominos Pizza store in Bunbury, which is about 1.5 hours (depending on how fast you drive!) away from Rockingham. So Makita became my companion when hubbie had to close the store and didn’t get home until well after midnight. As I said I grew up with lots of animals, but most of them were outside pets until Sheba came along. Although Sheba was an inside dog she never slept on our beds and she was very well behaved. That didn’t happen in our house. As hubbie worked late lots the house seemed bare, so Makita took to sleeping on hubbie’s side of the bed until he came home. This all worked well until she was about 6 months old and then I was regularly awoken at 2am when there was a disagreement between Makita and hubbie about whether hubbie was allowed to sleep on his bed. I often had to intervene and Makita knew who “Mum” was! Michelle's Labyrinth Now I mentioned maddies and that is exactly what she did. There would be bouts of zooming around the house, jumping onto the futon, Michelle's Labyrinth over the arms of that to “her” couch (donated by her Aunty Jenny), then over the other arms of that to zoom around the kitchen table, then behind us and the repeat. It was hilarious to watch. She would also do maddies in the back garden on a very specific route. The grass on this route died pretty quickly and we had to put up a temporary fence to block her long run so the grass had a chance to grow! And finally there were the lying down maddies – where she would be on her side and with all four legs run/scratch the carpet with such ferocity you couldn’t help but laugh!Michelle's Labyrinth

In mid 2001 I finished my Chartered AccountancyMichelle's Labyrinth , so hubbie and I went on our first big overseas trip! We were lucky and our friend Arthur and his girlfriend Sam were able to puppy-sit. Up until the end, Makita loved Arthur and Sam, so they must have done a good job! But there was one funny incident during that trip and that was we received an email from Arthur, to my Uncle in Jersey, that had an attachment. All the email said was “Makita-Bin-Laden” and the photo was of our Princess Makita, chest deep in some trenches she had dug in our lawn!

Michelle's Labyrinth

As I said, Makita destroyed her toys and we just couldn’t afford to keep buying more. One night on his way back from Bunbury, hubbie acquisitioned a witches hat/ traffic cone. This was the best thing ever according to Makita! She could charge it, knock it over carry it around, shake it and throw it and it lasted quite a while! We were so pleased that this was being chewed as opposed to furniture! Of course it didn’t last forever and one evening on the way home from work, myself and my fellow accomplice and Rottweiler lover – Lisa, acquisitioned another witches hat! Just picture this pretty young blonde accountant in a sharp suit, jump out of a passenger door and grab a witches hat! The memory will be with me forever! And Makita loved her new present!!Michelle's Labyrinth

Another favourite memory of Makita wasMichelle's Labyrinth about a little black male toy poodle that lived next door. He used to come around to our carport and tease Makita through the wire fence we had on the side of the carport. This went on for years! We even had to fix the fence once or twice, where Makita’s weight and force got the better of the fence. We often had to shoo him away when he hang around too much. Surely she was a bit big and boisterous for such a small male! hehe Well one day, and I think it was around the time we were packing up to move, we had the carport roller door up. The poodle pranced around to tease Makita, only to find her loose! Next thing we know a poodle is charging down our driveway with Makita close behind. They get to the middle of the road (thankfully we were in a quiet spot) and the poodle tried to change directions. Now my memory of this section is almost comical, it was like the poodle was running his heart out on the spot like in a cartoon and Makita reaches him, but cannot change directions easily, and bowls right over him! The poodle rolls a couple of times under Makita and then the chase pursues towards his home.

Around this time hubbie has given chase and me a little way behind him. The poodle charges down the side of his house, with Makita close behind. Hubbie gets to the side of the house, stops and looks at me to see whether he should go and I shrug my shoulders. I stop of the neighboursMichelle's Labyrinth lawn waiting for my hubbie and baby. Apparently hubbie gets to the end of the paving at the side of the house and there is basically a BBQ or party happening and hubbie had to say “Sorry, just grabbing my dog!”. I think as Makita had rounded the corner of the house, she had stopped when she saw all the people, so that was one saving grace! Sorry, but I still crack up every time I remember that little black poodle roll under Makita and think of how she followed him into his back garden!

Not long after that we embarked on a new adventure and headed to Kalgoorlie. So until next time I blog…. have fun :)

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Michelle's Labyrinth I just wanted to thank Lisa, the same Lisa from 1999, for spending the day with me yesterday at the Perth Royal Show. We were lucky and went on the day the Rottweilers were showing, so we were able to sit and watch them get judged. Lisa has two Rottweilers – Cleo and Monkey – and her daughter lit up when she saw the rotties! Lisa has taught her well :) Hence the reason for my post now… so long after I had drafted it, but hadn’t made time to scan all the old photos in! Better late than never :) Michelle's Labyrinth

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